Crucial Choices

Fox, choices
Fox, Choices

It seems that almost every day I make choices that are crucial to my well-being, to my development and to my life. For me it is so easy to make the wrong choices; ones that will throw me off my path.  I’ve made many ‘wrong’ choices or what I thought at the time to be wrong. Looking back I might not have changed too many of them because they taught me major lessons and have enabled me to appreciate more fully the story of my life to date.

As I’ve matured spiritually I am more able to watch myself in action making these choices. I almost know the outcome before I make them and this along with the higher volume of my heart allows me to make more appropriate picks for the individual purpose of my life.

I’ve certainly not got this choice making down to a science yet but I have improved and continue to do so.  It is becoming crystal clear that my path is not one that society at-large would have me follow. I knew this from birth but had to try on some different hats in order to believe that this less-traveled direction is in fact my own. I am at home here.



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