Anger! I’ve got it.

Reiki Precepts, Just for today I will not anger
Reiki Precepts

Just for today I will not anger.

This is one of the 5 Reiki precepts or principles we follow on our way to achieving peace and balance.

Ha! That is a joke – just for today I will not anger. Some days this is almost doable; days when I am in a meditation class or yoga class all day or one of those rare and perfect days when no one gets in your way, goes too slow, says something stupid, acts like an ass, rejects you or your ideas, etc. Those days when your dog doesn’t poop on the rug, your cat doesn’t scratch a hole in your new linen shirt, your husband is not late for your date, daughter does not forget to unload the dishwasher, etc.

I used to be scared of anger. Not my own but other people’s anger, especially when they expressed it loudly, screaming their thoughts and feelings possibly throwing things or punching walls. Yikes! I would extricate myself from that scene a.s.a.p. and find a sanctuary of peace, quiet and solitude.

I did have anger too of course but it was not expressed that way. Mine was internalized and if it kept coming back I’d take it out on my ‘enemy’ in some quiet, passive-aggressive way. After many years of spiritual practice I’ve learned to identify not only my anger but also the root of it (which is usually fear or insecurity) and let it go before it gets a hold on me.

When anger hits me now I first of all notice it almost immediately. Next I do what any good Reiki proponent does, I say the precept ‘Just for today I will not anger.’ But it’s too late isn’t it? I’ve already gotten angry. I have since tweaked the precept (pardon me Mikao Usui, father of Reiki) for my own use. I changed it to ‘Just for today I release all anger.” That seems to work for me. Wherever I am when the anger hits I say to myself “Just for today’ on an inhale and on an exhale I say ‘I release all anger’. If I’m really pissed off I may need to do this exercise several times in a row.

There. That’s as close as I can get right now and I’m ok with it. I used to get mad/disappointed in myself for not being able to follow the precept to the letter but I have through Reiki and Yoga learned to cut myself some slack and realize that it’s all a process. For most of us it’s a long process but I am grateful to have the opportunity to improve.

So just for now, for me, it’s “Just for today I release all anger”. Try it! Let me know how you do with it.

Peace & Love,



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