Reiki Clinic Update

Reiki Healing Space for Reiki Clinic
Reiki Healing Space

Our September Reiki Clinic was smashing. We were able to treat 9 clients with all different kinds of symptoms. Only one person was skeptical about Reiki but within 10 minutes of treatment he was sleeping and was a fan after his session.

I treated a lovely woman who said her tummy was upset. During her treatment her belly was talking to me with gurgles and growls then simmered down to a whimper by the end. She was grateful for the treatment and wanted to know more about it because her tummy felt all better.

We had a 92 year old woman with her 88 year old friend treated, another Reiki Professional came for healing also as well as several others who just lied on the table, fully open to receiving whatever they needed at that time. One of these clients said, ‘just give me Reiki- I trust the process’. And we did just that and she was an angel. The angel was from  a yoga studio in Waltham called Shiva Shakti. Check it out! I’m going next week.

October’s Clinic is almost full. Call me to reserve a spot for November or take 20% off a private, 60 minute session with me.




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