My Husband Kicked Me Out Of The House!

This sounds like a juicy story. We’ve been married for 32 years you think he would be flexible!

A Relaxing and Healing Reiki Room
A Relaxing and Healing Reiki Room

I’ve been practicing Reiki for over 10 years. For the first ½ of that time I had a yoga studio where I touched my students with this healing energy. Then my son was accepted to an expensive (can you say 60k/year?!), private college which offered him no financial aide and which we just could not turn down so I had to go back to a corporate job where I could earn enough to help put the boy through school. Yes, I know, I am such a great mom.

Since then I’ve been offering Reiki at my home mainly for friends, family and anyone I came across who I thought would benefit from this healing. I was loving this and I was getting busier at being allowed to help more and more people. Then last month my husband put his foot down and said, “No more Lisa! It’s time to get a professional space.” I tried my usual tactics of winning him over and I even had my children try to convince him of the benefits of me working from home. Nope. Nothing. He was in full- blown ‘trial/lawyer mode’ about this. So off I went to find an appropriate space.

First I was in a pout state, then I was nervous and totally fighting the change. I knew I had to stop this resisting and practice what I teach and that was to see this change as a new adventure, one that will bring me closer to my true purpose and in touch with people who will clarify this. So after lots of meditating and Reiki sessions, that mental shift was made and of course all things fell into place!

In celebration of my new office space and change in status from arm-chair practitioner to professional Reiki Therapist I am offering an enticing coupon to you and anyone you feel would benefit from this healing modality (which is everyone really).

Reiki Discount, $20.00 Off
Reiki Discount

Come visit me at 505 Waltham Street, Suite 2, West Newton, MA and I will take good care of you.

I am sorry that this story was not as spicy as it sounded. Come have a treatment and if spice is what you’re looking for we’ll find a way to put that into your own life!

Love, Lisapurple_heart

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