Please Pay Attention.


Doing a great job on the wrong task results in wasted effort. –Gordon Tredgold

This is so true of every area of our lives. Go ahead and apply this to your career, your relationships, your spiritual life and every little activity you engage in on a daily basis. Is your job tapping into your special gifts as well as paying you fairly for them? Are your partners and friends soul connections? Are your spiritual practices resonating with your needs? Are you even paying attention?!

It is important to ask why – why am I doing this – for what purpose am I involved with these people, activities etc.? Are they worth my precious time, effort and uniqueness? “No”,  you say? Then move on.

Merry go round, stop coastingIt is essential to be aware of what you are engaging in and why. Once we’re on the merry-go-round it is easier to stay on for the ride even though it may be making us dizzy or nauseas or sick in ways both physical and emotional. Lots of us are just going through the motions doing things we think we need to do. You wonder, “How can I possibly disengage from this activity when it’s ‘just what I do’?” It’s up to no-body but you to decide how, when and where to jump off and stop engaging in the tasks just not worthy of you. Perhaps at one time these activities and people were a perfect fit for you but things change people change and if you’re lucky enough, you’ve grown. You might have to jump off while the platform keeps spinning! And people around you scream, “No! No! Don’t do it. Don’t jump. You’ve got it made in the shade sitting on that plastic white stallion horse with the pretty pink bridal.” Disengaging will be difficult and you’ll get some bruises but when the scars heal – woo – you’ll see why the call to ‘move’ came to you and why you heeded that call.

Listen to your heart. Practice mindfulness every second of every day. It is a lot of work being so vigilant watching your every intention and move but it gets easier. Although I am a believer in reincarnation I still think we should live as if we only have this life. What we do with it is most important. Let every action be a true expression of your real self. Engage only in the tasks worthy of your effort. Think on it!

Love, Lisapurple_heart

2 thoughts on “Please Pay Attention.

    Friends & Family – My daughter Amber is looking for young adults/volunteers who are currently college students to take a survey. If you could forward this to anyone that you think would help out, that would be awesome!!!! Takes but a few minutes. thanks!!!! She is running the survey until October 28th.. Her request is below:

    ‘Hello, we’re a team of students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) working on a project to find ways in which mindfulness (“living in the present moment” is the briefest way to define it) could be paired with technology (such as social media or mobile apps) to improve the recruitment and retention of young adults/college students into Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs. To further our research, we’ve designed a survey to gather information from young adults, querying their thoughts on whether different technologies might work. The survey has received Institution Review Board approval from WPI, and can be found here:
    To get a good picture of this data, we need as many respondents as we can get; should anyone know a young adult that might be willing to take this survey, please forward the link to him/her!’

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  2. Thank you for sharing Toni! I am so happy to hear of this project. So many college students I meet are stressed and depressed and I know mindfulness practice would help in both areas. I hope Amber gets some more responses from this post. Love, Lisa


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