Live Longer! Incorporate These Easy Habits Into Your Life.


I’m always looking for healthy tips to help me love longer. Oops! I meant live longer. Was that a Freudian slip? Maybe.  Anyway…. I read this article listing 25 suggestions to live longer. I liked some and disagreed with others but it took me too long to get through the article because each one was on a different page and there were ads all over the place and sometimes I could not click next because the ads were in the way. So I decided to share the information with you but to make it easier to read. Here are the suggestions from 22 Words with my comments added of course.

  1. Wash Your Toothbrush in the Dishwasher

Well I know there are a lot of germs on our toothbrushes but I think I would run them under boiling water instead of ‘germifying’ up my dishwasher and other items in there.

2.  Get Out of your Armchair Without Using the Armrests

Yes! Do it.Take any chance you can to engage your core muscles. Stand up with out the arm rests, sit down with out the arm rests, etc.

3.  Eat ½ Cup Yogurt /Day

Well go ahead if you like yogurt and are not lactose intolerant however I doubt whether 1/2 cup of yogurt is yielding enough pro-biotic effect to make much of a difference. Eat the yogurt or not but definitely take some probiotic supplements which have multiple benefits including immune and digestive system boost.

4.  Blow Your nose One Nostril at a Time

No. No need. Get it all out asap!

5.  Open Your Windows

Yes! Whenever you can open your windows in the car, the house, the workplace do it! Fresh, natural air will reduce infection rate.

6.  Turn Your Heat Down 1 Degree

Or a few degrees if you can stand it or no degrees if you already live in a mid 60’s F atmosphere. The point is to expose your body to cooler temps which will increase your brown fat which burns more calories.

7.  Get Rid of Your Digital Alarm Clock

Absolutely. Throw it out! We are exposed to so many potentially harmful Electro Magnetic Fields via computers, heating blankets, etc. Also’Dim light from digital alarm clocks can negatively affect sleep and because it’s lit, it can be checked anytime throughout the night, adding to your anxiety and making it that much more difficult to sleep.’

8.  Use Paracetamol Instead of Ibuprofen

Oh, I never heard of paracetamol so I was excited to learn about this new pain medicine. Upon researching however I learned that paracetamol is just another name for acetaminophen which I have heard of. It is true that the later is easier on your stomach so certainly use it in place of ibuprofen for pain but if you are looking for an anti-inflammatory it will not do the trick. Better than either, in less than emergency situations however, I recommend trying Herbal Supplements, Meditation, Reiki and Yoga to combat pain.

9.  While Breathing In Count to 7

Awesome! Deep and mindful breathing no matter what number you count to is beautifully healthy for body and spirit. Inhale for 7 counts exhale for at least 10 counts. Another favorite of mine is ‘square breathing’: Inhale 4, Hold breath for 4, Exhale 4, Hold breath for 4. (Square Breathing Demonstration)

Square breathing, meditative breathing, breathwork exercise

10.  Skip the Elevator and Walk up the Stairs

Yes! Walk, walk, walk as much as you can. Most of us need more movement. We’re sitting most of the day in our jobs. Ugh. Get up and move! If you are unable to walk then move the body parts you can move.

11.  Add E-mail Stomach Crunches

Ok. I like this one. I’ll try it. ‘Every time your phone buzzes with a new text message or email, tighten your stomach and lift your feet off the floor for 5 seconds. Not only will your abs thank you, but it helps lower back strain too.’

12.  Eat Leafy Vegetables Every Day

We all know they are good for us (Lowers cholesterol, enhances vision, brightens skin, etc.) but they do no appeal to many of us. Maybe you can hide them in eggs or smoothies. That’s what I do.

13.  Turn Off the TV for One Hour a Day

Oh Yes! At least an hour. Why is it on anyway? Most people have it on because it keeps them company, it takes them away from dealing with uncomfortable thoughts, it’s just a habit to have that idiot box on! Besides, the U.S. National Cancer Institute says that every hour you watch after age 25 can reduce your lifespan by 22 minutes. Reduce your TV time and use that new free time to do something you LOVE!

14.  Drink More Coffee

Studies suggest improved protection against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and diabetes, as well as better reaction time, mood, and memory!  Perfect! I love coffee. Let us not drink it in excess though because it will cause anxiety and sleeplessness. Moderation is key.

15.  Go to Bed 15 minutes Before you Usually Do

Blah. I don’t like going to bed but they claim it’ll enhance your mood and performance. Well, I’ll ignore this one because in general I’m happy with my mood and performance but try it if it appeals to you!

16.  If it’s Within a Mile from Home, Walk

Yes.  See #10.

17.  Lose 5% of Your Body Weight

Maybe not! If you’re under weight or have eating issues this is NOT a good idea! Of course you don’t want to be overweight ideally because that causes all kinds of health issues that certainly will not help you live longer.

18.  Sit on a Balance Pad

Yes! Try it. It’s fun and works your core.

19.  Stick to Alcohol’s 5:2 Rule

They’re saying you can have an alcoholic drink 5/7 days/week! Have they not heard of the disease called Alcoholism? And do they not know that many people are afflicted?! Those people should not follow the 5:2 rule.! The 0:0 Rule is for them. The rest of us – moderation.

20.  Cough and Sneeze into your Elbow

Yes. This prevents more germ spreading than coughing and sneezing into hands.

21.  Stand During your Commute

I’ll change this to – Get more physical activity anyway/anytime you can.

22.  Add your Shopping Bill as you Shop

This is to improve cognitive function and memory. Go for it! And for more fun brain exercises engage in crossword, Sudoku, Ken Ken, and maybe open that 6th grade Algebra book up again. Shivers of fear just ran down my spine as I wrote that last one.

23.  Cough While you’re Sitting

They’re recommending coughing while you’re sitting to engage core muscles and protect your back! No. That can’t be good for your throat and there are so many more entertaining ways to achieve those 2 goals.

24.  Drink Cocoa Before you go to Bed

I like the sound of this. Improved memory for people ages 50-70 after drinking cocoa. I’m in! It doesn’t say anything about whipped cream though and that is the best part of the cocoa.

25.  Eat the Same Breakfast Every Day

This is to prevent you from having to make mundane decisions so that you can save your energy for more important tasks. I think I’d rather have a little less energy and a more of an interesting breakfast.

Well I hope you got at least 1 or 2 tips you can add unobtrusively into your lifestyle to allow you to stay here longer and contribute all of your ‘you-ness’ that is so needed! (Here is the Full Article for you.)

Let me know what you think and if you have other longevity tricks to add.

Love, Lisa purple_heart                                                                   no tagline-01

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