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When To Use Remote Reiki (aka Distance Reiki)

There are times and situations where conducting an in-person Reiki treatment is not possible. In most of these cases the client wanting to receive Reiki is physically too far away from the Reiki practitioner for them to get together. Another situation where Distance treatment is best is when the client is contagious with illness. These are the most common situations but there may be others where an absentee session is warranted. Distance healing is a convenient alternative when circumstances prohibit a regular, hands-on, treatment.

How It Works

You can request Reiki healing for someone else but ideally they will give their permission for treatment.  If the person is unable to comprehend such as when in a coma, etc. then it is up to the caregiver and Reiki practitioner to decide the best course of action. The goal would be to assist the client without going against his principles, religion, etc.


When Distance Reiki is requested I will need to know some basic information about the client:

  • What are the mental/emotional/spiritual issues are they wanting to work on?
  • What is their name?
  • What is a convenient time for them to receive the Reiki energy?
  • What address will they be at at that time?
  • An image of the client will be requested if we have not met.

This information can be exchanged via email, text, phone or Skype. At the time of communication the client can ask any question that they may have and I may have further questions of their health, etc. A brief communication update will also take place a day or 2 after the session, as well, for follow-up.

Client Actions

At the time of the healing treatment the client can continue doing whatever they had planned to be doing at the time of treatment. However, often clients tell me they get very sleepy at the time of treatment so if at all possible I like to schedule the sessions when people can be relaxing, resting or sleeping.


Sending the Remote healing energies involves visualization and mental focus on the part of the Reiki Practitioner. Distance Reiki works according to a rule, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all made of energy and part of a larger whole.

There are a few different methods that Reiki Practitioners use in conducting Distance Treatments. I personally usually use a surrogate, which is basically a substitute or a stand in for the client. My surrogate comes in the form of a stuffed animal named Walter!

Reiki Surrogate for Reiki Distance Healing

I go through a regular in person treatment but share the energy through Walter who is embodying the client after the I invoke certain symbols that assist in directing energies and send healing Reiki energy across time and space. When these symbols are enacted a oneness between client and Reiki Practitioner is enhanced so that there is no duality, no distance to separate us..

Client Experience

In most cases clients report feeling a overall sense of calm and peace during and after their Distance healing. Other sensations reported are heat, cold, tingling, visions, premonitions, crying, etc. All reactions are perfectly acceptable and are simply the person’s way of processing the energy to clear their blockages in order to begin to prepare the body for healing. Physical, mental or spiritual issues may improve with one treatment or may need a series of sessions if it is a chronic condition.


Distance clients report improvement on the physical, emotional or spiritual issue they are working on for example:

  • “The pain in my back has subsided.”
  • “My headache is gone.”
  • “My stress level is much lower.”
  • “I feel my sadness less deeply and less often.”
  • “My patience in finding my life’s purpose is stronger.”

In addition, most clients report an improvement in their sleeping patterns and an over all sense of well being.

I am aware that Reiki in general and Distance Reiki in particular are difficult concepts to buy into for most people. Please let me know if you have questions and I will do my best to answer. I recommend trying a session or two as the best way to comprehend it all and experience it directly.

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