Holiday Hangover Remedies

Prickly Pear for Hangovers, Reiki of Greater Boston


My first thought is that you can choose to avoid the hangover! Do this by:
  • Not drinking. (Shocking, I know)
  • Drinking minimally.
  • Drink water before, during and after your minimal drinking.
  • Eat a large, carbohydrate laden meal (pizza!) before your minimal drinking.
  • Eat red meat. It’s protein can slow alcohol consumption.
  • Take 1600 IU of Prickly Pear Juice or eat lots of prickly pears, my favorite fruit.
But lots of our best laid plans got awry. Our best intentions to abstain or go easy on the hooch easily get waylaid:
  • Like the time ‘my friend’ went to her husband’s black-tie, Christmas party in her silky ball gown, only to see her former boyfriend there. One who still made her heart stop. She proceeded to drink herself silly to avoid the emotions and ended up very sick in the bathroom with the office manager having to take care of her! Very embarrassing for her (and her husband) and a whopper of a hangover ensued.
  • Or you plan to go easy but you’re an introvert and are very uncomfortable at cocktail parties and small talk and to make yourself more at ease you have one too many without realizing it.
  • Or you go out with friends intending to be the designated driver but they convince you that you can all take a taxi home and they start buying you drinks and you know……another hangover.

When these types of faux pas happens you must try the remedies below!

CrystalsAmethyst for Hangover, Reiki of Greater Boston

Keep the beautiful stone of Amethyst with you for sobriety support and to speed up hangover dissipation. The ancient Greeks and Romans made drinking goblets of this stone believing it to prevent intoxication.
Once you’re feeling a little bit better you can add Carnelian, an orange stone or Citrine which is yellow in color to give you more energy.



For mild hangovers it’d be best to do some vigorous exercise like running or vinyasa (flow) yoga like a sun-salutation in order to build heat and sweat out the toxins.

If it is not possible for you to move around freely due to pain and nausea you can try this gentle yoga series.  The Twist would be my first choice if you can only do one as it will squeeze alcohol out of the organs.  All these can be done from the comfort of your bed!

Click Here To Watch This 3 Minute Yoga Series for Hangovers!

  • Savasana - Death Pose
    Savasana – Death Pose
  • Supta Bahda Konasana - Lying Down Bound Angle Pose
    Supta Bahda Konasana – Reclined Bound Angle Pose
  • Supta Matsyandrasana - Reclined Spinal Twist
    Supta Matsyandrasana – Reclined Spinal Twist
  • Balasana- Child's Pose, Yoga for Hangovers, Reiki of Greater Boston
    Balasana – Child’s Pose
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana - Half Seated Twist
    Ardha Matsyendrasana – Half Seated Twist
  • Savasana - Death Pose
    Savasana – Death Pose


Vitamin B Complex

Emergen-C or some other Vitamin C seltza or tablet


Eat ginger! It is an acquired taste but will ease that nausea for sure.  Try it in the form of tea or crystallized ginger.

If you’re a coffee drinker, take a cup for energy and headache reduction.

Try some toast and/or crackers.

Rehydrate with water, Pedialyte and/or Gatorade for replenishing electrolytes.


  • Try Tiger Balm to help the headache by smoothing it on your temples and back of neck.
  • Use an ice pack on the head for headache.
  • Motion Sickness Medication: Bonine, Dramamine stops the spinning head, clears some cobwebs and helps you sleep.
  • Sleep/Rest-This will help the body heal.

Feel better my friends!

Love, Lisa purple_heart                                                                   no tagline-01

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