Feeling Insecure or Angry? Check This Out.


 Are you plagued with any of these Emotional Issues?

Anger Issues: Seeing Red?, Rage

Fear: Of Letting Go, Of Deadlines, Of Abandonment

Guilt: Sexual or otherwise

Deep Grief






Unable to provide financially


Placing Blame

Living in a fantasy: unable to face reality or denying it altogether


How about these Physical Issues?

Addictions: Food, Money, Sex, (Shoes?)!

Eating Disorders: Anorexia

Elimination Issues: Constipation/Diarrhea/Frequent Urination/Colitis/IBS


Blood Issues: Hypertension/Low Blood Pressure

Sexual Issues: Impotence/Highly Sexed

Kidney Issues: Stones, infections

Leg Problems:  Weakness in Knees/Sciatica/Swollen ankles/Hips/Calves/Feet/Arches/Varicose Veins

Cancer of lower organs: Prostate/Rectum/Bladder/Kidneys

Skin Issues: Rashes/Itching/Psoriasis

Lower Back Issues: Pain/Curvatures/Aches

Immune System Issues:  Lupus/MS

If so, rebalancing your Base Chakra could help!

What is a chakra you say?

In basic terms they are energy centers, vortexes or wheels.

To date, 114 Chakras have been identified in the human body! There are 7 Major Chakras running the length of our spine. Today I will discuss the First or Root Chakra (Muladhara) which is located at the base of our spine. (The Red One)chakra spine

In my experience, chakras are a vital piece of our health picture. Our chakras are influenced by everything we do and they go in and out of alignment and balance daily so they need to be realigned and maintained to eliminate disease of the mind, body and spirit.

If these chakras are in balance, energy runs from the top or our heads to the bottom of the spine and back up again but if one or more of them are out of balance our life force energy does not move ideally and results in certain Chakras being deprived which leads to physical and emotional issues.

Here are the associations for the First or Root Chakra:

Developmental Stage: Womb to 12 Months

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara – Meaning root, source, foundation.

Location:  Base of the spine, between the anus and genitals, between the legs and hollow of lower spine.

Color: Red

Physical organs: Large intestine, rectum and kidneys.

Key Note: C

Sense: Smell

Element: Earth

Sound: LAM

Endocrine System: Adrenals

Causes of ImbalanceLack of love, attention and/or security of food, home or self during childhood.  Sexual abuse, and complications during the birthing process as well as abandonment situations.

If you suffer from any of the above listed maladies you might try some of the treatments below. They will help you establish a connection with the natural world and minimizing the frantic pace of modern life, recovering your trust and calm.


Balancing and opening the root/base chakra allows negative emotions to be released, regenerating confidence and your will to move forward in life. A healthy root/base chakra promotes feelings of security and encourages exploration to find your life’s purpose and achieve success. Once your Root Chakra is in balance you will reduce or eliminate the physical/emotional issues listed and feel grounded in reality,down-to-earth, in control of your drives, have limitless energy and best of all, you will feel adventurous and alive.


Yoga Postures:

  • Mountain
  • Forward Fold
  • Tree (You can hug some trees too!)
  • Goddess
  • Easy Pose

Check out my Yoga Chakra Workshop in May!


  • Reds: Ruby, Garnet
  • Browns: Smokey Quarts, Petrified Wood
  • Blacks:  Black Tourmaline, Hematite

Carry one or more of these stones with you when you’re feeling untethered. They will help ground you and connect you to solidity.


To balance the Chakras with Reiki we will do an assessment of each of the 7 major chakras with dowsing and a questionnaire. Next, crystals will be tested for compatibility with your body and placed at specific points on your body/or table and a guided meditation and Reiki session will ensue.  A general session can be done in either 60 or 90 minutes. A specific session working on 1 Chakra at a time can take place in the same amount of time and will also include practicing Yoga Poses and chants. Make your appointment here.

Chanting: LAM

Click link above to hear this chanting. You can simply listen or join in on the chant for a more intense vibrational healing.


Try one of these fragrances in the form of essential oils (use in a diffuser or rub the oils directly on your skin) or incense (burn) when trying to strengthen your foundation.



Stand or Walk barefoot on the earth each day.

Walking Meditation: Walk slowly and as you walk feel each section of your feet connect with the earth – your heels, arches, balls toes and again, one foot after the other.

I am by nature connected to earth and very grounded so I like to learn new ways to enhance this strength. This meditation method was shown to me by my Shaman friend and opened up a whole new level of earth energy connection.

Sit up tall in a chair, spine long, feet flat on the ground. (If you’re too short for your feet to be flat on the floor place blankets or pillows under your feet.) Inhale deep breath through the nose and exhale, with sound through the mouth. Continue this for a few minutes.

Now on each exhale imagine your breath releasing not only through your mouth but through your feet. Let your exhaled breath fall out of your body and into the ground.

eye_of_horus_by_atlameNext, as you continue to breath deeply with exhales now either through your mouth or nose, you want to imagine that the soles of your feet have openings in them and that your breath is leaving your body through those openings. I like to picture open eyes on my soles where the solid, grounding energy from the earth enters my body and travels up my legs and into my groin and lower back and belly area creating safety and comfort. Try it!

Color Therapy:

Red, Red, Red.  Wear more red, surround yourself with more red items. Eat some red foods:  
Apples, beets, pomegranates, etc.

Mantras: Root-Chakra-Affirmations-Pinterest

You are safe. Now Go Live Your Life Out Loud!  In Living Color. Preferably RED!

Love, Lisa purple_heart                                                                   no tagline-01

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Insecure or Angry? Check This Out.

  1. Hello –
    Do you offer practitioner training? Where can I go to learn both Reiki and healing or balancing of all 114 chakras? I am a certified meditation instructor & a licensed massage therapist. I currently live in the greater Chicago area. My current lease will expire in early 2017, then I will be free to relocate to wherever I bed to… as long as the place is dog friendly & I can bring my 2 “fur-babies” (a Boxer & an Australian Shepherd)… Please offer suggestions.
    Namaste 😌🙏🏻


    1. Hi Shirley. Thank you for contacting me and for your interest in Reiki. I personally do not offer Reiki training. I’ve done my training at 3 different locations all in Massachusetts. Most if not all states offer Reiki Practitioner Training. The best place to look would be on the IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals) site. Once you know where you would like to be located you will find someone offering these classes near you. If you happen to choose New England then please let me know and I will share with you specific teachers that I have had wonderful experiences with. I hope that helps! Much love, Lisa


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