Walk Softly On The Earth


Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day, the perfect day to think about how we can walk softly on the earth.

Here are some of my favorites:

Recycle   Cloud-1-Earth-Day

Most of us recycle now, 46 years after the initiation of this holiday. It is slow going but it’s progress. I am pretty good about doing this but I could improve. Cans, bottles, plastics, paper, cardboard-done. This year I will recycle more of my personal care product containers. How ’bout you?

Personal/Earth Benefits:

  • Cleaner, more beautiful, sustainable world for you and future generations.

Personal Disadvantages: 

  • Use of a few extra minutes/day week to sort/organize/dispose of.

Choose Personal Care Products Wisely

Use organic and all natural. Here are some brands to check out:

Acure, Nude, Suki, One Love Organics, Weleda, Dr. Hauschka

Personal/Earth Benefits:

  • A healthier, cleaner body inside and out for you and your family.
  • Less allergies.
  • Less illnesses.

Personal Disadvantages:

  • A slight pinch in your pocketbook.

Buy/Eat Organic

organic 10 percent

 Personal/Earth Benefits:

  • You and your world will be cleaner and healthier.
  • Organic farming keeps toxic, persistent pesticides out of our environment and bodies.
  • Organic farm fields absorb carbon dioxide.
  • Organic companies conduct business in a sustainable manner aiming at minimizing energy/packaging.

Personal Disadvantages:

  • A slight pinch in your pocketbook.


Plant Trees!

They don’t have to be huge trees, just plant a small tree or 2 each year and soon you’ll have beauty and health all around you.  Last summer I planted 6 trees total – 4 were over 10 ft. tall so I had to hire someone to plant them and they were expensive but 2 of them were only 3 feet tall which I bought cheaply at Home Depot and planted them myself. They’ve already grown a bit and are making me happy!

Angel Oak. Click on Image to see more beautiful trees!
Angel Oak. Click on Image to see more beautiful trees!

Personal/Earth Benefits:

  • Trees help us breathe clean air by absorbing odors and pollutants .
  • They are beautiful to look at.
  • Some provide food for us. Some provide food for wildlife.
  • Trees help combat climate change.
  • You will feel good caring for and raising the trees.

Personal Disadvantages: 

  • Well if you don’t like planting things that’ll be a disadvantage to you. You could always contribute financially to a cause that plants trees and participates in re-forestation, etc.


You can add compost to soil to improve its physical properties.

Personal/Earth Benefits:

  • Reduces methane emissions.
  • Reduces/eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Promotes higher yields of crops.
  • Captures and destroys  industrial volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in air.
  • Improves soil and water quality.

Personal Disadvantages:

  • It takes a bit of time to learn how to compost.
  • The odor is not always pleasant so don’t put the compost pile too close to the house!

Grow Your Own Food/Buy Locally Grown

You don’t have to have a big space to do this. You can actually grow some veggies in containers! Some flowers are also edible. Once you have a taste of a home-grown tomato you will be spoiled for life and will be unable to choke down those cardboard tasting things they sell in markets. Start with something easy like strawberries or snap peas. Yum!


Personal/Earth Benefits:

  • As I said, “Yum!”
  • Buying local supports smaller businesses and reduces toxic emissions from transport.

Personal Disadvantages:

  • I don’t see any.

Don’t Litter/Pick Up Litter

Indian Crying
This is the commercial that first made me aware that people were treating the earth poorly. Click image to watch the original 1971 commercial. “People Start Pollution. People Can Stop It.”

When I go for a leisurely walk, I carry a plastic glove and small bag to clean up the area I walk through.

Personal/Earth Benefits:

  • It’s good exercise!
  • You’ll feel good about contributing.
  • Your children and grandchildren will enjoy a cleaner world.

Personal Disadvantages:

  • I don’t see any.

I do have so much more to say about this topic that is dear to my heart as I’m a Taurus and a total Earth Girl but I’m anxious now to get outside on this gorgeous day to kiss the earth in so many ways. Blessings.

Love, Lisa purple_heart                                                                   no tagline-01

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