We Are All Warriors

We are all Warriors we just have different fields of battle and different ‘enemies’. My personal fights are not nearly as selfless as those of our Veterans and I am most grateful for their service. I am not comparing the plights of the ordinary citizen to those of the Military. I am merely saying we are all battling something and we can learn to cope more valiantly by practicing Yoga. It’s true! Check it out.

Warrior Yoga at Reiki of Greater Boston

Warrior Yoga

In yoga, all postures can develop qualities of the warrior; the Physical Warrior: Physical Strength, Endurance, Honor, Courage, Discipline, And the Spiritual Warrior: Release, Open-heartedness, Balance, Unconditional Love, Peace.

There are a series of poses specifically called ‘Warrior’ or Virabhadrasana and offer all manner of variations. The 3 basic Warrior poses are shown above.

In Indian lore Virabhadra was a fierce warrior who had a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, and a thousand feet, wielding a thousand clubs! Yikes! I’m scared.

Warrior Yoga at Reiki of Greater Boston, Waltham

Warrior Poses are not meant to promote violence but to bring strength and power into our bodies, minds and lives and to help us learn to battle ignorance and ego.

Here are some gems you might glean from these poses:

  • Mindfulness/Awareness
  • Increase of the body-mind connection
  • Space perception
  • Finding ease within effort
  • Release unneeded tensions in body/mind/life
  • Stay present and focused during challenges
  • Openness of the heart
  • Courage
  • Endurance
  • Finding peace in even uncomfortable moments
  • Resist Boredom through refocus and breath
  • Balance and stability
  • Resist desire to escape
  • Learn to stay still, to not give up or quit
  • Freedom

If any of these qualities are appealing to you come try a Yoga Class for Free. See you on the mat!

Oh and there is always a discount here for Military:

10% Off Any Service For:

  • Cancer Patients and Survivors
  • Hospice Clients
  • First Responders: Police/Firefighters/EMTs
  • Veterans and Currently Serving Armed Forces

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