Spine Tingling Creatures of Halloween

IMG_2859Last year I was a Cowgirl for Halloween, the year before a Gypsy . Why do we dress up for this spooky holiday?  The quick answer is that it is postulated that All Hallow’s Eve is the time of year when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is thinnest.  Because of this, it is easiest on this night for the inhabitants of the dead realm to slip through the film and come visit us, the living! In order to fool these visitors and hide from them, we put on ‘masks’.

I like Halloween because you can become anything you want to be! You can break out of that little box you built for yourself and be totally out of character. It is so freeing. I hope you try it and go all in so that you can really feel what it’s like to be someone else: a cop, a gypsy, a cowboy, a ghost, a different gender, and on and on.  I hope that if you dress-up you also put on the internal mask of that character as well as the outer and really become them. It’s fun!


The other reason I like Halloween is because it deals with spirit and spooky & eerie things that cannot necessarily be seen, touched or proven.  And I like being scared! Don’t you?

Here are some of my favorite scary Halloween Creatures and why they’re associated with this fantastical and magical holiday. Have a fun and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Bat-creepy-animal   Bats     

Bats are nocturnal  and it seems that creatures that love the night scare us for some reason.  At night in ancient days bonfires were lit for Halloween which drew mosquitoes and moths, which would in turn attracted bats.

Vampire                                   Vampires

Also creatures of the night plus they’re sexy, sneaky and blood thirsty. What could be more scary? ! And please never forget my favorite vampire from Dark Shadows (circa 1970’s), Barnabas Collins.

witch3d   Witches

Witches are feared because they have powers that can control this and that and it was believed that their powers were greatest on Halloween night. Some thought witches were in cahoots with satan. That of course is the Myth of The Witch. In a future post I will tell you about real witches who walk the earth and live peacefully among us.

black-cat-outside   Black Cats

It was thought that witches could turn into cats and during the witch trial era it was noted that many ‘witches’ had cats about them as ‘familiars’. In light of this they burned the cats along with the humans thinking that some of the cats were also witches transformed!

Pumpkins  Pumpkins

Pumpkins are related to Halloween because Halloween occurs around Harvest time and Pumpkins are in full bloom at this time.

jack-o-lantern   Jack-O-Lanterns

Ancients used to carry hollowed-out turnips with candles inside them to light their way from house to house to beg and pray.  Frightening faces glowing from the pumpkins were meant to frighten off the evil spirits thought to roam the earth on Halloween.

Ghost-on-the-Porch_photo_medium   Ghosts

Halloween night is the one night that the spirits of our ancestors are able to walk more visibly among the living.  They are seen in the form of ghosts.  Boo!

graveyard Graveyards

Graveyards are spooky all year round but especially on Halloween when the spirits have easier access to the world of the living.


Haunted Houses

haunted-house-web-blogTrap doors, spider webs, creaks and groans do not say welcome unless you want to be frightened!  These houses are plagued with disembodied spirits who are somehow connected to the property or people in it.  If you think you have a ghost or poltergeist I will refer you to my paranormal investigator friends but sometimes a house feels odd not because of a haunting per se, but due to negative energy sources:  arguments, illnesses, etc.  If this is your case give me a shout and I will help you infuse a clear, light spirit throughout your home. I can help you clear the energy of your home!

frankenstein_monster   Frankenstein

Most people think of this green monster when they hear the name Frankenstein but really Dr. Victor Frankenstein was the creator of the monster, not the monster himself.  He is associated with Halloween because he makes a great costume of a scary and recognizable creature. Plus the story is set in an atmosphere of of melancholy eeriness. A more recent Frankenstein movie, Victor Frankenstein, starring Daniel Radcliffe, was released last year. I love the classic book though, by Mary Shelley. A fun thing to do around this time of year is listen to the book on tape in your car.

spiders   Spiders

Spiders scare most people even when it’s not Halloween. I don’t mind them and when I find one in the house I try to move it safely outside to set him free. They seem to weave their webs in dark and rarely frequented places like haunted houses and doorways and corners.

three_wise_skeletons-other   Skeletons

Skulls and skeletons are associated with Halloween because they represent the end of the physical part of life, something that is connected to Halloween both because of the death of the “light”  because of the perceived connection to the spirit realm.

Enjoy your e-v-e-ning!

Love, Lisa purple_heart

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