Love Packages Sent From Earth: Crystals


Crystals are little love packages sent from the earth!  Each stone has its own vibrational blueprint depending on how, when and where they were formed. They hold millions of years of the earth’s history and since ancient times have been providing healing and guidance to our race. I’m sure you’ve seen crystals, maybe even been attracted to one or 2? These gems can help move you toward physical and emotional joy! Now that you know that, why not try working with a few? There are stones in various shapes, colors, sizes, textures and vibrational frequencies and they are all beautiful! Each one has healing properties for one or more physical or emotional ailments. Have headaches? Try amethyst. Back pain? Blue Kyanite. Sadness? Carnelian. Below are some commonly used crystals along with some of the situations they can assist with. Bear in mind however that the effects of each crystal can be different for each person.*

Crystals I Use Daily In Treatment of my Clients

  • Amethyst-Protection, purification, Divine connection, release of addictions, sleep
  • Selenite -Spiritual connection,  Connection with spirit guides and angels, Clearing space
  • Crystal QuartzConnection with spirit guides, energy cleansing
  • Blue Lace Agate -Communication, heart healing
  • Lapis Lazuli – Truthful communication,
  • Rose Quartz -Love, gentleness, emotional healingcrystal-medley
  • Lepidolite -Emotional healing and balance,  serenity, relaxation, stress relief
  • MalachiteClearing out of old patterns,creativity, confidence, protection
  • Apache’s TearsEmotional healing, protection, psychic tuning
  • Citrine -Manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, creativity
  • Blood Stone -Strength, courage, purification, vitality
  • Moon Stonefertility issues,self-discovery, intuition, insight, dream remembrance
  • Carnelian -Courage, sexuality, vitality, confidence, action
  • ApatiteSpeeding metabolism, Psychic activation
  • HematiteGrounding, manifestation
  • Ruby -Life force, courage, passion, strength
  • GarnetStrength, security
  • Black TourmalineProtection
  • Smokey QuartzGrounding, practicality, organization

There are many more types of crystals but this will give you a nice little tool box for yourself to treat the most common of issues that visit.

How to Purchase and Choose Your Crystals

You can purchase these on line. A couple of my favorite sites are: &

An even better way to purchase these gems is in person. In the Boston area I recommend:  7 Stars, Cambridge and Enchanted Fox, Medway. Also Kyle at Crystal Concentrics opens his crystal space in Arlington about once a month.

crystal-shoppeWhen you go crystal shopping plan to spend a little time there, ‘trying them on’. First stand in front of the display, close your  eyes and take some deep breaths. (Don’t worry about the staff thinking you’re crazy. In these type of stores they are used to this and are well versed in these methods of intuition.) Then open your eyes and see which 1 or 2 crystals are calling your attention.  Pick them up one at a time and hold them in your hand for a bit, see how they make you feel. Try a few of each of the crystals that got your attention and then purchase your favorite either based on the color, size, shape, or feeling it gives to you. Practice being open and  receptive and you will be drawn to a stone that will have meaning for you and will move you energetically toward whatever you need at this time.

How to Work with Your Crystals

Wear them!  Either put them in a little satchel in your pocket or tape them directly onto your skin. Women can wear them in their bras. For the latter make sure you’ve purchased smooth crystals.

Wear them as jewelry!  The 2 on-line sites and 3 store-front sites I mentioned above all sell crystal jewelry. Another fabulous crystal jewelry site is: Lunar Skye. This is a company based in MA and owner Trish, a Reiki Practitioner purchases quality gems, makes each piece herself and infuses them with Reiki energy.bracelet-protection

Sleep with them under your pillow.  Just that.  So simple.

Meditate with them. Just a quick 5 minute sit-down, holding the crystal(s). Tune into your breathing and then simply listen to what the crystal might be saying to you or how it might be making you feel. If you’re not used to tuning into your intuition or higher powers this may take some time. Keep at it. It’s worth it!

Create Crystal Grids.  A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals in a geometric shape. There are grid templates that you can purchase but I just like to make my own designs and set it with what ever intention I have at the time. Place a stone center piece and then play with symmetrical arrangements around that. You can also write your intention on piece of paper and place it under your center piece. Try it, it’s fun!


Use a Wish Box. One final way that I often use crystals when I have a wish or goal I’m working on is to write that down on a small piece of paper and insert it into a decorative box. Then I choose a crystal that I feel would help me progress in these areas. Just trust your intuition on choosing the stones. At first it is uncomfortable but soon you will ‘just know’ which crystals are ‘right’.  Once chosen, I put a couple of that type of crystal in the box with the wish/goal and watch the magic happen.


Whatever you do, do not just throw your crystals in your purse or stick them in a drawer or on a night stand. You must cultivate a relationship with them for them to do the most intense work. Like a relationship – you must feed it or it will dwindle and maybe even die out.

Reiki Healing with Crystals – Come in for a 60 minute Reiki Healing with Crystals and experience the power of both! ($80.00) Make your appointment here.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

sCleanse your Crystals at least once per week and more often if you use them daily. It’s also a good idea to clear your crystal when you first get them.washing-crystalsCrystals can gather energy from thoughts, touch, emotions, etc. so cleansing and recharging is important to keep your crystals working optimally.

The simplest ways to recharge your Crystals:

  • Run under cool, clean Water for 2-3 minutes (most crystals can be wet but not all so check before you drown them!)
  • Submerge in a bowl of Dry Rice overnight
  • Submerge in a bowl of Sea Salt overnight
  • Set out in the Moonlight overnight
  • Pass them through the Smoke of a sage or incense
  • Play them some high vibe meditational Music.

So if you choose to try using crystals to improve your health and wellbeing, let me know how it goes for you. As you begin to tune in to crystals and their vibrations you will become more aware of many additional vibrations around you. You will also likely want to learn more about Crystal Healing as you discover its benefits. There are many more ways to work with these Gems and many more gems available to assist you in your search for health and happiness. I will be happy to share my knowledge with you! Bring your crystals in when you come in for a Reiki or Life Coaching session and I will infuse them with some Reiki energy which will enhance their strength and healing power.

Enjoy your love packages!

*Disclaimer: Crystal Healing, Reiki & Yoga are intended to be used as a complement to traditional medical care or as a personal relaxation and stress-reducing tools. They are not a substitute for medical/psychological diagnoses or treatment.

Love, Lisa purple_heart

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