Got Carbohydrate Cravings? Squelch ‘Em!

How to Reduce Carb Cravings, reikiofgreaterboston, waltham

Ooh. Don’t you hate me for posting these tempting pictures?! They’re even making me drool and I’ve been off carbs for years now. For a good part of my young adult/adult life I had intense cravings for chocolate. At some point it was totally out of control and very unhealthy so I decided to take control. You can do the same for your carb cravings! I researched, experimented and voila’ I have been craving free for 10 years! Taking Magnesium supplements was the key for me. Read on to learn about your solution(s).How to Reduce Carb Cravings, reikiofgreaterboston, waltham




Before you try any of the following remedies you will of course want to run it by your Doctor and make sure you are clear of more serious conditions that can also cause cravings such as hormone imbalances, hypoglycemia, diabetes, etc.

Proven Natural Remedies that Cut Carb Cravings

supplements to squelch carb cravings, reikiofgreaterboston

The Following are some natural remedies that have worked to diminish or eliminate carbohydrate cravings for me & my clients.

I recommend trying 1 at a time for at least a 2 week duration so that you will know what is working for you. (An aside: If you get bored, or frustrated experimenting with these supplements I’d say perhaps you are not quite ready for this path. Trying one of the Life Style options below may be more tolerable for you at this point.)

  1. Chromium – 600 micrograms/day
  2. Vitamin B Complex -Follow Directions from Manufacturer
  3. Magnesium – 200-300 mg/day
  4. Omega 3 – 500 mg/day
  5. Vitamin D -Follow Directions from Manufacturer
  6. Resveratrol – 100mg/day
  7. Co-Enzyme Q 10 – 100-300mg/day

Other Possible Remedies

I’m hopeful that  you will have success with the above suggestions but here are some other supplements you might look into if the above did not help you demolish the cravings demon. I have not personally worked with these but as I read about remedies that help this issue these come up repeatedly:

  • 5-Htp
  • Tryptophan
  • Glutamine
  • Lipase

Life Style Can Help Cut Cravings

In addition to trying some of these supplements it is always a good idea to do a food intake cleanse before you begin a new regime. Spring is the perfect time to try one. See this article for cleansing suggestions/information.

Employing the following Life Style choices with the supplements will support your goal to squelch the cravings:

  • Eat ‘clean’ whole foods (organic if possible): fruits, veggies, lean proteins, legumes, certain grains .
  • Exercise regularly in whatever form moves you. (pun intended).
  • Get as much sleep/rest as you can. Read here for tips to better sleep.
  • Manage stress by utilizing mind-body techniques: Reiki, Yoga, Breathing Exercises.
  • Purchase and use/wear Amethyst Crystal which helps with all addictions. (If your cravings stem from a broken heart, low self-esteem, etc. then I will recommend a different set of crystals and oils combination.)
  • Try Aromatherapy with Essential Oils Peppermint and/or Bergamot. 
  • One final thing to consider is, “What are these cravings trying to say to you?” If they stem from emotional issues in addition to chemical issues then these cravings may subside with the above attention but may get transferred over to another type of addiction. It can get complicated so it is helpful to be aware and in touch with possible emotional causes.

As with every other goal you work toward in your life, you must truly be ready and open to change and be dedicated to the journey despite the possibly bumpy road. Along with supplements, Reiki, Yoga and Life Coaching can support your work and I’m happy to help guide you on your Journey to Health with these methods!

As always, I’m happy to answer any question and please let me know if you have success with these or any other methods in curbing carb cravings.

Love, Lisa purple_heart

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