Looking For More Joy, Pleasure Or Creativity In Your Life?

Sacral Chakra work at Reikiofgreaterboston, WalthamReally, who doesn’t want more of these life affirming qualities?! If you’re someone who is chronically low on the FUN and FREEDOM thing you will benefit from some of the ‘treatment’ suggestions below.

If you are plagued with any of these Emotional Issues

  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Insecurity
  • Detachment
  • Jealousy
  • Fear
  • Cold emotionally and sexually
  • Lack of Joy
  • Stuck/Flat Emotions

Or these Physical Issues

  • Constipation
  • Low back pain
  • Urinary and kidney infections
  • Gynecological Issues
  • Abnormal menstruation
  • Infertility
  • Impotence

Then rebalancing your Sacral Chakra could help!

What is a Chakra?

In simple terms, Chakras are energy centers, vortexes or wheels in and around our bodies where energy gets processed.Take a peek at this earlier writing to learn chakra basics and information on the Root/1st Chakra.

Sacral Chakra, Reiki of Greater Boston, Chakra Balancing

The treatments listed below will help you begin to release shame and guilt and  be able to come more fully present in your body resulting in a freer, more authentic existence.

I am the target text.


Balancing the Sacral Chakra allows us to begin to release fear, guilt and shame that have either been programmed into our lives or learned some other way. In balancing this Chakra we begin to feel free to be human at the most basic level, physically, sensually, creatively, passionately and sexually.

Swivel Those Hips. Let Loose!

Yoga Postures:

  • Kapotasana (Pigeon)
  • Supta Bahdda Konasana (Reclining Butterfly)
  • Dahnurasana (Bow)
  • Bhujangasana (Cobra)
  • Dance- Swivel Hips, Move to the music

If you’re not familiar with these poses you can look them up on-line or schedule a Yoga session and we can play with all of these!


  • Carnelian
  • Orange Kyanite
  • Sun Stone
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Amber

Carry one or more of these stones with you when you’re feeling closed down. They will help open you up to creativity, life and feeling.


To balance Chakras with Reiki we will do an assessment of each of the 7 major chakras by dowsing with a pendulum. Next, crystals will be tested for compatibility with your body and placed at specific points on your body/or table and a guided meditation and Reiki session will ensue.  A Chakra Balancing session takes about 75 minutes. A specific session working on 1 specific Chakra can take place in the same amount of time and will also include practicing Yoga Poses and chants. You can make your appointment here. After your session you will be given some ‘homework’ to maintain the chakras that were shown to be out of balance.

Chanting: VAM

Click link above to hear this chanting. You can simply listen or join in on the chant for a more intense vibrational healing. I like to lie down and let the sounds wash over me. It’s an hour long recording but you don’t need to listen to the whole thing. Just see how it feels for you. I’d give it at least 10 minutes.


Try one of these fragrances in the form of essential oils (use in a diffuser or rub the oils directly on your skin) or incense (burn) when trying to open yourself up to more feeling, creativity and acceptance.

Clary Sage

Essential Oils can be purchased at Whole Foods or on-line. Be sure they are Pure essential oils.

Meditation & Breathwork:

Left nostril breathing called Ida Nadi breathing will help to open up the second chakra as it brings forth moon (ruler of the tides, oceans and all the water in our bodies) energy. Before you start you may want to blow your nose to make it as clear as possible. Begin in a comfortable seated position with your back erect, head in line with your spine. Close your eyes or at least soften their gaze and then close off your right nostril with the first two fingers of your right hand. Now inhale and exhale through the left nostril only trying your best to take full, complete inhales filling the whole chest cavity and even up to your throat up with breath. On the exhale release all the stale breath full of toxins by squeezing the tummy muscles to press out all the air. Repeat until you feel ready to stop.

Swirling, Sacral Energy

Try this simple Sacral Meditation to aide in balancing your 2nd chakra. Lie down on your back. Don’t you like this already?! Close your eyes and allow your body to become soft and heavy. Now on your next inhale imagine a vibrant orange light entering your lower abdomen and permeating through to your lower back. Your whole Sacral area is full of swirling, energizing orange light/energy. Simply notice how it feels to you. When you feel done, on an exhale, shrink the light down to dot size and then let it finally disappear.


Suck up all the sweetness and juiciness of life! This is the crux of the Sacral Chakra. Find and engage in activities that bring you joy! Is there an activity you loved to do in your childhood that you have not engaged in as an adult? Here are some activities people (including myself) find helpful in getting back in touch with that free spirit most of us embodied as a child:

Art/Crafts: Drawing, coloring, painting, decoupage, making a shadow box, make pot holders, make jewelry

Physical Activity: Dancing, joining an adult sports team – hockey, Climb a Tree (my favorite!) soccer, volleyball,  Skipping, Play Hop-Scotch, Jump Rope, Ride Bikes, Swing on a swing, etc.

Games/Toys: Puzzles, Dolls, Legos, Lincoln Logs

Music: Sing, play an instrument (even just bang on some pots)

None of these things have to be done to look a certain way. Simply do them for fun! Try to get fully absorbed with the activity, getting lost in the joy of it. Feel free and flowy!

Color Therapy:

Orange! A perfect color for fall and Halloween. Wear more orange, eat orange foods (oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes), bring some orange into your decor: some throw pillows, candles,blankets, wall hangings.


Sacral chakra Mantra, reiki of greater boston, waltham

You can repeat this statement (mantra) a few times before you get up and before you go to bed, saying each word slowly and meaningfully. As you work with this or any mantra you may find your inner knowing wanting to change some of the words to make it more resonant for you. Go with that!

Some Causes of Sacral Imbalance 

  • Coldness
  • Denial of child’s feelings
  • Emotional abuse
  • Emotional manipulation
  • Familial alcoholism
  • Incest 
  • Lack of rules/boundaries
  • Neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Rejection
  • Religious or moral severity
  • Restriction of movement
  • Sexual abuse

Associations for the Second or Sacral Chakra:

  • Developmental Stage: 6 Months to 2 Years
  • Sanskrit Name: Svadishthana – Meaning Sweetness.
  • Location: 3 inches below the naval.
  • Color: Orange
  • Physical organs: Kidney, Bladder, Reproductive Organs
  • Key Note: D
  • Sense: Taste
  • Element: Water
  • Sound: VAM
  • Endocrine System: Testicles and Ovaries

Now, go get your silly on!

May you be open to receive and relish in all of the sweetness, joy and love the world has to offer you.  

Much Love, Lisa purple_heart                                                                   no tagline-01

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