Sick of Feeling Rejected? Me too! Here’s What Helps.

what to do about rejection, reiki of greater boston, angel messagesI’ve been feeling a bit rejected lately. Here are 3 recent examples and how I shook it off.

  1. Most of the people in my life, including my business clients are open hearted, open minded and highly intelligent. I’ve designed my life this way. These are the people who I attract. Once in a while though I meet people who have their hearts heavily armored. They are defensive and closed down and though they may come see me regularly for Reiki and other services I sometimes feel that I’ve failed them for not being able to help them crack open fully.

I was asking for guidance about this issue today as I was driving home, asking, ‘please god and healing spirits, help me with (Name). What can I do to help further move her along in her healing? ‘ And just then a commercial truck passed me with a big sign on the back saying:

Message: Love It And Love It Again!

Love it and love it again!, reiki of greater boston, angel messages

I think it was some kind of soda advertisement but for me it was THE answer to my posed question. Immediately I relaxed and smiled because I knew I was doing just that and that was enough.

Taking it further I said a Thank You to this special client for allowing me the opportunity to experience this spirit communication. And then I sent her blessings.

 2. Trying to help certain family members get ahead of their aging and illnesses with suggestions and offerings of help continue to be dismissed. It is disheartening to me. I see them failing and know things that should be done to prevent further damage but no, they choose to ignore my suggestions. So I brought myself to my meditation space and sat with my tears and asked,  “What can I do about this situation? What can I do to help them, to make sure they stay as well as possible?” Then I listened and what I ‘heard’ was,

Message: “Help those who want your help.” 

Yes! For some reason this made perfect sense to me and gave me such comfort. I do have so many people who come to me wide open for help and that is where I will focus instead of lamenting over these few people who do not value my knowledge or intentions.

3. I’m such a lover. I simply love everyone and I don’t hide it. I hug strangers.  (Hugging is Healthy!) Once in a while someone moves me deeply and I just can’t help but to let them know it. If I meet someone and their eyes are mesmerizing I will tell them so, if their bodies are just out of this world and they knock me out with their beauty, if their energy is uplifting, I will say so. I can’t help it! I don’t want to marry them or intrude on their lives, I don’t want to sleep with them (usually) but I simply feel a connection to everyone because we are humans on this earth at the same time. Because of that alone we have a great deal in common!  Most people enjoy these compliments, some just think I’m a crazy old woman and others I believe are intimidated by me and/or my honesty. This last one makes me feel sad and rejected.

hugs at reiki of greater boston, waltham, ma

Over the last 3 weeks or so this ‘intimidated reaction’ occurred a couple of times. Once again I turned to Spirit with my tears and my questions, ‘Why don’t they like me? I’m so nice! Who wouldn’t like me?! Why are they so scared of me when I’m honest and being myself? Should I change my behavior, pretend I am someone I’m not?, etc.’ I was not getting an immediate answer to these ponderings so I started considering how I could change my behavior to make others more comfortable. I noticed also that I was also ‘sour grapesing’ it saying ‘f–k them, they must be wimpy to be scared of honesty, etc. But I knew this was a coping mechanism not worthy of me so I continued to ask Spirit for assistance throughout the day.

I went to bed without any communication from spirit and began downloading books to read. My answer came from the first book I sampled, Intentional Dissonance by Iain S. Thomas.

Message:  “Never apologize for how you feel…The sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. The rain doesn’t say sorry for falling.”

There you go. I must be who I am. We all must be who we are even though it can be difficult at times. We must be true to ourselves! Ok, so I guess those people just aren’t meant to be in my life at this time. I let them and their reactions to me go. Bye-bye!

Receiving messages from higher power makes me feel so much better. Sometimes the answers take a while to arrive so until I receive the word I have found that these other things help me to keep up my spirits:

  • Breath of Joy
  • Yoga Inversions: Handstand, Headstand.

    yoga inversions, headstand, handstand, reikiofgreaterboston, waltham
    Practicing Headstand in my living room.
  • Wearing and working with sunny, bright, energy inducing crystals such as Citrine and Carnelian.
  • Spending time in Nature.
  • Having a Reiki Healing

So, when you’re feeling rejected or lost, I recommend asking for guidance from Spirit (whatever that means to you) and then listen with wide open senses. This takes practice and patience but answers will come to you and you will be guided and comforted if you stick with it. Feel free to message me if you have questions!

Love, Lisa purple_heart

Owner Reiki of Greater Boston, Waltham, LIfe Coach, Yoga

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