My ‘Un-Resume’

In all my years in Human Resources screening resumes I was always frustrated with the restrictions put on me as an interviewer which limited my questions to the applicant. Although I understand the reasoning behind the employment laws I think we miss out on the heart and soul of the individual by strictly focusing on work skills and work experiences. Here is my ‘UNRESUME’ which answers all the questions I always wanted to ask of a candidate but couldn’t and didn’t for fear of getting thrown in jail, being sued or fired!

The UnResume of Lisa Hassett

  • I’m 59 years old! I’m ½ Italian (Sicilian) and ½ French (Canadian). I try to speak both languages but am not too good at either. I ride around in my car listening to Pimsleur Language tapes.
  • I’m married to my High School boyfriend! (36 years)
  • I have 2 fantastic adult children who both have Master’s Degrees in Education and live and work in MA.
  • My only sibling, a brother, and both my parents still live in Waltham, MA where I grew up. They won’t leave. They think it’s the center of the universe and when I moved to Worcester County they were in mourning for a year or so thinking that I might as well have moved to China.
  • I was in the Human Resource Management field for 17+ years.
  • I am a trained and practicing Reiki & Crystal Healer, Certified Yoga Teacher & Certified Life Coach.
  • I owned a Yoga Studio and taught Yoga and Dance for many years in Northborough, MA.
  • I still practice Yoga regularly. It keeps me sane or almost sane and keeps me striving to be my highest self.
  • I was raised Catholic. Went to Catholic school until 6th grade but the nuns did not like my incessant questions about how can we know Jesus is real and why if he is so good does he send babies to Purgatory. The move to public school was a much better match.
  • I try to work out weekly through Hip-Hop, Zumba classes & Weight Lifting.
  • I love music. I ‘played’ clarinet, piano and guitar but was never very focused. My favorite radio stations are: WERS 88.9 and 92.5 The River, on Pandora I like Classic Blues, say J.J. Cale.
  • I have committed to donating 10% of my earnings to charity. My favorites are: The Home for Little Wanderers, Big Brother/Big Sister of America (I was a Big Sister), Food Banks and various environmental entities: Sudbury Valley (committed to open space).
  • I like to drink wine and eat.
  • I like to read. My current books are: How to Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Price and My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing.
  • I like to travel and absorb culture and language. My last international trip was this past July (2018) to Portugal & Spain. For sure I’ve lived in Spain in one of my past lives! I loved it there – felt so at home. Connect with me on FB personal or FB Business and you will see my travel pix.
  • Sometime soon I’d love to own some property in Florida  Or maybe somewhere in Sicily!
  • Generally I love life but always in the back of my head are the big questions like what’s it all about, why are we here and what is my purpose? Until I figure that out, my purpose is to do the best I can for my clients and in the process contribute to making people happy in some small way.


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