Hi friends! Do not hesitate to contact me through whichever medium you are comfortable. I’d be glad to meet with you for a free consultation to explain and demonstrate in further detail the conditions that Reiki, Yoga & Meditation can assist with, to answer any further questions and most importantly to hear about your needs at this time.

Phone/Text: 508.335.3814



Address:  160 School Street, Suite 1-1, Waltham, MA  02451

My entrance is in the  back of the building. My door is black, is on the far right side of the building and is labeled 1-1. (You do not need to enter the center, common door.) See you soon!

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For Reiki Sessions you can park in the back of the building in either spot #11 or #15.

For Yoga Classes please park on nearby side streets: Spring St., Exchange St., Common St. Or nearby parking lots: Common St. Garage (Common St.), Library Municipal Lot (Between Spring and Exchange St.). There are several other nearby lots which may or may not mind us parking there! They are St. Mary’s Parish lot, Chateau lots (3).

Now, when you are walking to/from class from what you perceive is a distant location try not to swear at me and huff and puff about the bother it is to walk ‘so far’ in the cold or heat. Instead consider treating your walk time as part of your class: Be thankful that you can walk, that you have the money to take a class, that you are evolved enough to get/maintain health.  Pay attention to each step you take, breathing in and out consciously. Present in your body, present in your life.

Disclaimer: Reiki is intended to be used as a complement to traditional medical care or as a personal relaxation and stress-reducing tool. It is not a substitute for medical/psychological diagnoses or treatment.

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