Reiki FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?

Pronounced: Ray-Key

In Japanese Rei means spirit, miraculous, and divine.

In Japanese Ki means gas, breath of energy, or vital consciousness.
So…Divine Breath of Energy
Reiki is a hands-on energy healing system which taps into universal energy and involves a simple method of hands-on healing as developed by Dr. Mikao Usui, a minister from Kyoto, Japan. After training and attunement, Reiki energy flows through the hands of the Reiki practitioner and into the body of the person being treated.  This energy  stimulates your body’s innate healing resources, encouraging a return to wellness.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is an energy healing system which was founded during the early part of the 20th Century in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. It is not known exactly how the treatment works but part of its strength is in moving the body into a parasympathetic state of relaxation where the body can rise to the occasion of healing itself. Personally, I feel Reiki Energy as Love. Now who doesn’t want that?!

How will I know if is working for me?
The answer to this is different for everybody but despite a persons issues, common reported benefits are: Easier to fall asleep, a more sound sleep, calmer, less reactive, breathing more fully, more energy, more strength, increased focus, increased intuition,increased interest, better appetite. So in addition to all, none or some of these you may after a series of treatments feel direct improvement on chronic/autoimmune issues as well as a heightening of your spiritual sense.
How long will it take to feel the positive effects of my Reiki treatment?
Some clients feel immediate relief (while receiving treatment) from pain, headaches and other acute ailments. Chronic illnesses usually show more gradual improvement and may take a series of treatments to reach optimal wellness.
Is Reiki a religion, a cult, and are you a witch?
No, no, and I’m not telling! Seriously though, Reiki is not a religion nor is it associated with any religion and is far from a cult. It is spiritual. It is an energy healing method and because it works and scientists can’t explain exactly why, people attribute it to witchery of some kind. Reiki does no harm, only good so it may be worth a try for you!
What do I need to bring with me to my Reiki session?
The best thing to bring, aside from your physical body of course, is a mind open to receiving exactly what you need at the time.
Do you accept/expect tips for your services?
No Tips Allowed! You can give me a hug if you like.
Where is your office?
Until recently I worked from my home in Weston, MA but my husband kicked my business out! I now practice at 160 School Street, Suite 1-1, Waltham, MA  02451.  Reiki clients park of the lot behind the building in spot #15. Yoga students park on side streets or nearby municipal lots. Come to the back of the building. My door is black and is on the far right side of the building. There is no need to enter the main/common area of the building as my office door is directly off of the parking lot.
See you soon!

Disclaimer: Reiki is intended to be used as a complement to traditional medical care or as a personal relaxation and stress-reducing tool. It is not a substitute for medical/psychological diagnoses or treatment.

2 thoughts on “REIKI FAQs

  1. Can you perform long distance reiki,? I was told that it can be done when you are not with the person who needs healing? I thought that was Prayer and I was told that I was wrong, could you please confirm or deny this healing can be done for miles away.


    1. Hi Bayla. Thanks for your interest. Yes, I can supply long distance Reiki Healing via Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen non-dual reality which is learned in the Level III (Master Level) Reiki Training. To do this I personally prefer to have the person’s name, location and picture. See this page for more information and to book a Distance Healing: Lisa


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