Meditation & Breath Work
Meditation & Breath Work

You’ve heard of meditation. I’m sure of it. Maybe you’ve even tried it but couldn’t get into it. I can help! It’s fun and once you’ve practiced a bit you will love its effects.  It can involve breath focus, sense focus, getting inside music, chanting, mindfulness, walking, guided visions and creative imaginings among others.

Meditation is one of the energy healing treatments that has numerous scientific studies proving its health benefits. Studies show that some of the positive effects of meditation include:
Increase in immune function, compassion, memory,focus, grey matterof the brain and decrease in pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety and stress.

Various methods of meditation will be practiced in my classes: Mantra, Loving Kindness, Mindfulness, Sound, Chakra, etc. all leading to myriad physical & emotional benefits: increased focus, memory, relaxation, decreased stress, blood pressure… No experience needed.


Breath Work (Pranayama)

Breath of Joy, Yoga Therapy, Pranayama



Breathing exercises (called Pranayama in Sanskrit/Yoga) clear the physical and emotional obstacles in your body to free the breath and allow your life energy to do its job. There are a variety of effective breath work techniques, some geared toward calming some toward energizing. Most are done while seated and all will enhance your health and energy. Practicing Breath Work  before your Reiki treatment will open you up to receive more of what you need in your session.

Daily life with its stress and tension both physical and emotional create obstacles causing our breath to become shallow which can lead to less oxygen to the brain, sluggish metabolism, weight gain and lowered immune system response among other things.

Try a Breath work session with your Reiki Healing to counteract these negative states and get your body, mind and soul back to health or into mega-health!

Now, take a deep breath in through the nose filling your lungs and lower belly with breath, (Do it! Do it now!) hold it for 4 seconds or so and release audibly through the mouth. Ahhh. That’s a start!

Take the next step and book your Reiki session with a Breath Work or Meditation add-on to experience these cleansing practices fully. Once on the booking page use the 5th or 6th option down (Reiki with Crystal Healing, either 60 or 90 minutes) and then indicate on the booking form that you are wanting Breath Work/Meditation with your Reiki Healing.