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I took my own challenge issued in my post A Different Way To Look At Success. Each day for a week I tried to identify when I was happy and what it was that gave me that feeling of Joy. This, I feel, was a worthwhile exercise! Here are my results:


BrookThe sound of the brook as it makes its way through the boulders, stones and other impediments.  It’s crash causing a peaceful sound of resolution.


leaves2The smell, look and feel of the woods on a fall day in New England especially the surprising whoosh of brightly colored leaves blowing about a bright green lawn making swirls in the air like an animation.

seagull-rowA row of 4-5 seagulls sitting peacefully on a split rail fence overlooking the marsh. One of them started lifting his right leg and shaking it like he had stepped in gum. I don’t don’t why this struck me as funny but it did and it made me laugh out loud.  Just by being his silly gull-self, he brought me happiness.


The smiling eyes of one of my Reiki patients as he was leaving the hospital.  I met him in the hospital elevator as he was being discharged as his son was wheeling him out.  I was manning the elevator and asked, ‘ Where ya’ going?’ meaning which floor can I press for you and he smiled and shouted ‘ I’m going home!’ and we all cheered and I pressed 1, Main Level that leads to Home.


RockThe rush of wind blowing over me, the ray of the sunbeam on my skin, call of the birds, the rush & rustle of the trees and solidness of the stone.


A big pumpkin that looked like it could turn into a coach and carry the princess to the ball was in the middle of the hospital parking lot rotary.  It was so out of place – there were no other pumpkins or mums or other Harvest decorations around, just a big fat pumpkin in the parking lot. It might as well have been in the middle of the desert but it brought the place to life with color and holiday cheer and a sense of normalcy that can be sorely lacking in a hospital.

DAY 5 – SUNDAY       


My kitty Amelia turned 1 today. She sat calmly on my lap for once and let me touch her soft fur.



I went to a Shamanic Medicine training today and although I learned so much, what brought me joy was the simple beat of the drum. (Listen to some Drumming)



hawk2I watched a hawk circle high and effortless on the wind. In my mind I said to him, ‘hello there’. He then flew right over to me in a bee line, hovered directly over my head and stared straight into my eyes for a few seconds. I was so mesmerized I did not have the capacity to snap a photo. I was able to experience the moment fully and have a meaningful connection with this wild bird.


Understand that my life is far from void of expensive gifts, trips and dining experiences but these items were not the items that made me feel that authentic, deep-down joy. What did give me that feeling, as you can see, were the simple, small and natural things. 

Each of my happiness sources  were being 100% authentic.. They did not know how to be anything else and so lost ‘themselves’ in the moment and that was their beauty. They had no need to please anyone or be anything different than they were by nature.

I noticed also this week was that when something didn’t go my way it was easier to accept it because I knew some fantastic little bit of love was going to cross my path soon that very day.  I was looking for it. I was expecting it.

I’m very excited to continue to focus on these little beams of light throughout my days with the intention of building a happiness momentum that will get me through the New England winter which usually finds me down.

So shine your light today! Be 100% you  and in so doing you will be fulfilling your purpose here on earth. However crazy, strange, weird or odd you may be, that ‘selfness’ may be just the thing someone else needs to make them better, happier, hopeful, motivated, inspired, successful! Go You!

Let me know if you try this exercise and tell me what you discover!

Love, Lisa purple_heart                                                                   no tagline-01

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Please Pay Attention.


Doing a great job on the wrong task results in wasted effort. –Gordon Tredgold

This is so true of every area of our lives. Go ahead and apply this to your career, your relationships, your spiritual life and every little activity you engage in on a daily basis. Is your job tapping into your special gifts as well as paying you fairly for them? Are your partners and friends soul connections? Are your spiritual practices resonating with your needs? Are you even paying attention?!

It is important to ask why – why am I doing this – for what purpose am I involved with these people, activities etc.? Are they worth my precious time, effort and uniqueness? “No”,  you say? Then move on.

Merry go round, stop coastingIt is essential to be aware of what you are engaging in and why. Once we’re on the merry-go-round it is easier to stay on for the ride even though it may be making us dizzy or nauseas or sick in ways both physical and emotional. Lots of us are just going through the motions doing things we think we need to do. You wonder, “How can I possibly disengage from this activity when it’s ‘just what I do’?” It’s up to no-body but you to decide how, when and where to jump off and stop engaging in the tasks just not worthy of you. Perhaps at one time these activities and people were a perfect fit for you but things change people change and if you’re lucky enough, you’ve grown. You might have to jump off while the platform keeps spinning! And people around you scream, “No! No! Don’t do it. Don’t jump. You’ve got it made in the shade sitting on that plastic white stallion horse with the pretty pink bridal.” Disengaging will be difficult and you’ll get some bruises but when the scars heal – woo – you’ll see why the call to ‘move’ came to you and why you heeded that call.

Listen to your heart. Practice mindfulness every second of every day. It is a lot of work being so vigilant watching your every intention and move but it gets easier. Although I am a believer in reincarnation I still think we should live as if we only have this life. What we do with it is most important. Let every action be a true expression of your real self. Engage only in the tasks worthy of your effort. Think on it!

Love, Lisapurple_heart