Love Notes

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thank you so much Lisa . I felt really great after our session yesterday and looking forward to getting back into a routine.” T.L. 10/17/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Lisa – thank you so much for today. I feel like I am on the right path.” C.T. 10/16/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingI can’t thank you enough for all your help, insight, kind words and guidance in helping me to connect to my higher self.
These reiki sessions with you are always revitalizing, and crucial for my sanity as I have come to notice. You always make me feel very comfortable and happy from start to finish, I feel like we know each other from another lifetime! Once again, thank you for your time and energy, along with your kind words and assistance. I am currently relaxing with Citrine on my belly! Until next time!” 10/14/18

5 star google rating for reiki of greater boston waltham“Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Lisa. When I came across her practice online I had a feeling she would know how to help me. When I arrived at my appointment she greeted me with fantastic energy, and led me to where we would talk and have Reiki done. Before starting the healing session, we talked about what brought me there and she later explained how the treatment would work. I did the Reiki session with crystals and the pendulum, and had the most fantastic experience! During the treatment I reached a profound state of relaxation and I felt the best I ever have after my session. At the end she sat me up and told me a little bit about what she was able to find out, and she later sent me a detailed report on what she found and how to treat it. I’ve been following her instructions to better myself and am seeing great results! I can’t wait for my next session with her, I’m confident that with her help I will be able to heal my condition and find complete happiness within myself to be a better person in this world. If you’re looking for someone with great energy that can put you on a better path in your life, look no further, you found her!” Mariana Gomes, 8/30/18 

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa,

Thank you for a wonderful experience.” Best Regards, N.V. 8/26/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingHi Lisa!  I’m feeling better since our Reiki session, and have felt better each day that passes by, I could not be happier! I can’t believe I have to wait another week to have another session with you! It was life changing, I’ve been telling my whole family about it!Anyways, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done so far, and I can’t wait for our next session! M.G. 8/23/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa,

I hope that you are well! I saw you last August for reiki healing and am interested in purchasing a reiki healing session for myself and a friend. Your healing did wonders for me last year and I would like her to feel the same lightness and release that I felt after meeting with you. ” A.P. 7/28/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thank you so much for all the information. I can feel so much of a difference since our session and will definitely be trying some of the things you suggested. I will be back to see you again for sure!” E. K. 7/27/18
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingHi Lisa,
“It was great to meet you … and I very much enjoyed the session. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything.You are right when you said that once you walk out into the world, things can get knocked out of balance.  I will definitely be back soon for another session because I want to be as balanced as possible and I want my energy to be positive…
Again, thank you for a great experience and I will be back for another session soon.
Best,” N.F. 7/21/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingHi Lisa,

“Thanks so much for this follow up! I feel great and I’d like to keep feeling great! I ordered the book and the crystals you recommended 🙂
Thanks again!” R. K. 6/20/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa, I greatly enjoyed our session on Saturday and look forward to coming in again in a few weeks.” C. O. 6/4/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingThank you for the Reiki. Since the session, I feel…..lighter? For months I’ve felt a heaviness lurking in the back of my mind / heart. I’ve been fighting the good fight to not let it overwhelm. Well, since we met, I feel….lighter. Maybe I’m floating down the proverbial river…..Super psyched to see you again! “F. K. 5/30/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa.  I wanted to let you know that my breathing slowed and my heartbeat calmed so that I finally got a good night of sleep last night.  Today at my outpatient appointment, my neutrophils (the good, disease-fighting white blood cells) had doubled from last week, which is an amazing development!  I also got the very good news that I can step down off the Prednisone over the next 5 days. Although that will carry its own temporary side-effects, in the longer term, both sleep and digestion should be improved. So, I’m feeling better than I have felt in the past month!  Thanks so much for taking a part in that.” S.C. 5/24/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thank you so much Lisa!! I’m looking forward to my next visit with you:) . I’m feeling optimistic and hopeful now!”M.M. 5/12/18

“Hi Lisa,
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingI wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your time yesterday. I felt much more peaceful and much more energized following our session. 
I so appreciate your warmth and care.” N.F. 4/21
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thanks so much Lisa!  It was truly a lovely session.” 4/18/18 A.S.
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thank you Lisa!  I feel good – clear. My energy feels new, light, not heavy & I slept for about 45 minutes right after our session. Look forward to many more.” 4/3/18 J.W.

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“I cannot tell me how much the reiki has helped me relax before this experience.
I can’t wait to get back soon!” M.D. 3/12/18

Reiki of Greater Boston has 100% 5 Star reviews on yelp
We Have 100% 5 Star Reviews!

“I’m new to Reiki and after some research on the healing it can provide, I found my way to Lisa. What a transformational experience. She goes above and beyond getting to know you and makes you feel so very comfortable. Her studio is relaxing and comforting and sets the tone for each session. I have had 4 sessions and each have provided me with a new experience, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Lisa has a gift and I feel blessed that the universe guided me to her!” M.P. 3/6/18  

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa, It was awesome meeting you, and I hope to set up another appointment soon. I am starting to be more excited for my future, and definitely feeling happier. Thanks again!” J.S. 2/26/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa,  Thank you so much for yesterday. I feel a bit lighter and freer.  I look forward to seeing you again.” A. P. 2/22/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Dear Lisa,  Thank you so much! I was feeling good after the session yesterday, the sun looked brighter, I felt some peace. I will see you for the second session in two weeks. All the best :-)” S. Y. 2/9/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingEverything I’ve been experiencing makes so much more sense.  I even wore red today and my mood just elevated .…  I would love a follow up session and will book one when I am back from LA in a couple of weeks.  Have a fab weekend.” K.F. 2/6/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa, Thanks for your advice! I appreciate your time and enjoyed the experience yesterday! Thanks,” S.O. 1/8/18

5 star google rating for reiki of greater boston waltham“I loved my session! I cannot wait to go back!” S. Perez. 1/4/18 5 STar review on google for reiki of greater boston waltham

Reiki of Greater Boston has 100% 5 Star reviews on yelp
We Have 100% 5 Star Reviews!

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa, First of all, Happy New Year! Thanks again for the attachment of the Reiki self hand placement. I still feel calm and more relaxed since our appointment on Friday. Thank you…” T.E. 1/1/18

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching “Thank you so much! I did feel much more calm and collected for a few days after our last session.  I found a carnelian bracelet that I cleansed and started wearing as well.I would love to meet with you more.  Thank you again! I look forward to working with you soon :)” C.L. 12/18/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa great to see you.  I’m very happy with the progress we’re making!” B.G. 12/10/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thank you so much for following up with all of these awesome resources. So much of what was written in those links resonated with me. Thank you again for all your help and knowledge!  Sending a big hug.” J.N. 12/8/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa,
Thanks for the session today. After the session I felt like I do after awakening from a nice, refreshing sleep. I’ve been feeling quiet, calm and clear since. My shoulder and back also feel better.” A.F. 11/21/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Your presence is so healing and safe, it is such an experience of personal expansion to be receiving a session from you.” C.H. 11/19/17

“Working with Lisa is truly a blessing and a pleasure. She is kind, caring, empathetic and gives off such a positive energy. I have done Reiki sessions with and without crystals and both have been amazing, I fell asleep from being totally relaxed. I just started private yoga with Lisa as well, she is so patient and has been great with customizing yoga poses for an injury i’m dealing with. Lisa truly has  gift and I am so fortunate to have met her , her services have been a blessing !  I also really like how she follows up, she sent me a great email on setting up my own “space” at home and encourages to practice daily . I look forward to continuing to work with Lisa. She is wonderful and I would recommend her services to anyone in need of relaxation and energy healing .” Nicole F.  

Thank you very much for the session on Friday. I am feeling a lot better after our session – I even decided to an audition for a musical theater show – something I haven’t done since I was a teenager but I really enjoyed! I will definitely book another session soon.
Thank you again for your help. I hope you have a wonderful week”. J.S. 11/6/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Good morning,

I thoroughly enjoyed our yoga session last night! I booked another for next week. You have such a positive energy and a soothing manner it’s really been very helpful for me during this bump in the road of life. Have a great day looking forward to Reiki and Yoga next week!  Xo” N.F. 10/26/17
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Seriously though last week was an awesome week!!!! Thank you so much for all of your healing!!!!
Have a happy Halloween and I look forward to seeing you sometime next month hopefully!” M.P. 10/24/17

Google 5 star review on Reiki of greater boston“My experience with Reiki has been very positive. I remember that I had reached out to a few people when I was looking for an appointment. Lisa was the person whose bio that I connected with the most and ironically was the only one who responded back in the caring and open way that I needed. I could tell that this wasn’t just business for her but rather calling and a passion. I appreciate her realness and authenticity. Personally reiki with Lisa has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. Reducing stress, finding balance, and centering myself to truly find happiness are things that I can say improved significantly through reiki with Lisa. I’m excited to book my 4th appointment as I’ve experienced a lot of positive change from within since going to Reiki of Boston! Robert Henry, 10/15/17 5 star google review for reiki of greater boston



Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingMagic Touch! Omg I got so much relief in my hip I actually slept thru the night , not only was I relaxed at the session but I feel great this morning. Thank you thank you for providing me relief.” N.F. 10/13/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“I really enjoyed seeing you and the session… I felt more calm than I have in months. I will definitely work on the suggestions made. I am especially grateful that you didn’t make me feel like I was completely out of mind.. which is what it feels like lately!” L.R. 9/28/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“I slept great and have a very calming sense. I would love to re-book and do a crystal session. I’m also interested in yoga. So glad I was able to meet and work with you.
Thanks Again!” N.F. 9/27/17

“I enjoyed our session, and am looking forward to the next visit.” M.P. 9/26/17Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thank you Lisa! I’ve been feeling more positive since we’ve met!” J.B. 9/14/17

“Lisa made me feel welcome as soon as I arrived in the parking lot.  She was waiting for me and connected right away.  She embraced me with kindness as soon as I stepped in her sanctuary and truly listened to my words.  As soon as I lied on the table I was covered with a blanket of love, feeling supported and cradled at all time.  I cannot remember the time I stepped out of an energy session feeling as relaxed, energized, happy and centered as I was after my time with Lisa.  That feeling carried me for at least the next 4/5 days.  What an exceptional soul Lisa is.  Thank you so much for giving me a place to recharge and to reconnect with myself.  You are brilliant with your simplicity.”  Caroline H. 9/12/17 
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Sweet Lisa, I want to thank you for covering me with a blanket of love yesterday. I actually felt at peace and energized for the rest of the day. Your hands are so healing my beautiful friend. Namaste my precious soul.” C.H. 9/7/17
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hello Lisa,
Great to hear from you. Thank you again for the session. I felt very relaxed and much less anxious.  The pain in my back was on and off yesterday but I also tried to put my hand on that area, like you showed me.
I am definitely looking forward to booking another session with you.” K.M. 8/20/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“I am making steady progress everyday toward a happier and healthier mind body and spirit. Thank you for your positive outlook, extreme kindness, and the wonderful talent you possess.” C.E. 8/20/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching
“I truly believe that if you set out with an intention to find something, it will come when the time is right. I had considered trying Reiki to “rebalance” my life, and my sense of self for some time. For months I just didn’t seem to schedule anything. Then all of the sudden I really felt like this was the next step in healing for me. I browsed through yelp, despite already having a few places bookmarked and decided on Lisa. After my appointment I without a doubt feel strongly that I was guided to her as my healer. Reiki is pretty amazing! I’ve had two sessions with Lisa and will be going for my third. By the time Lisa was done, there was no pain left. I also was so relaxed afterwards. It is the most incredible feeling. When I was driving home, people were cutting me off, there was traffic and I was like “meh,” just in this cool totally chilled out state. Its fantastic. At the end she uses a singing bowl which when she did I felt this flash of white light, odd but incredible. I’m going for my third session and feel this therapy has really helped me not only to relax and be more present, but reaffirmed my belief in this Divine energy that really can transform and heal your life. Thanks Lisa for being the healer for me and I’m looking forward to future sessions!” M.:L. 8/19/17
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingHi Lisa,

I am feeling great! I appreciate your help so much, I really feel amazing! And look forward in working on these small imbalances that I know for sure will help me in the long run for all the things I want to accomplish. I even recommended you to two of my friends that are in so much need of balancing as well. Please if you can send me information on how to improve and open these two chakras and I will make an appointment in the next following weeks to continue doing so, I feel very balanced right now so I think a reiki session would be sufficient like you said to maintain the energy momentum.

Again thank you so much ! I feel like I new person and feel an amazing flow of powerful energy within me. Best, C. J. 8/14/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Lisa,  Thank you so much so such a wonderful and powerful session. I will book my next appointment within the week. I had such a positive experience from just the Reiki, I think I will save any yoga, meditation, or breath work for few sessions down the road. Thanks so much for the sleep article, all the information was extremely helpful. Can’t wait for another session. Peace and Love,” C. E. 8/13/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“I do feel much more at peace after each session and noticed that in this session I felt less blocked.  Thanks again for all your help, and look forward to seeing you again soon.” M.P. 8/10/17

Working with Lisa has been a true pleasure. The Reiki sessions themselves are wonderful, but she is also such an empathetic and caring individual that it adds so much to the session. Because of my time with Lisa I have really started to explore work with crystal healing and other alternative therapies. I have only done Reiki sessions so far, but am looking forward to other therapies like life coaching and Chakra yoga. I highly recommend! Jenene R., 8/8/17 

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching

“Hi Lisa, this morning I couldn’t help noticing as I stood in the kitchen making my tea how unusually nicely planted on my feet I felt. Also directly after our session I felt so much more serene, as if I’d been “put back together” almost. I had been feeling frazzled, disconnected and vulnerable earlier, and after our session I was much more in my body and calm and self-possessed. This feeling has stayed with me today.  Altogether it was a wonderful hour of feeling deeply supported, without distractions or obligations to attend to. At one point I could imagine you combing lumps and bumps and thorns out of my aura. I felt you were such a lovely helping presence, and I do find this kind of support makes a big difference in how I feel. “ Thank you so much!!!R.L. 7/27/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingThank you so much Lisa – this is absolutely wonderful to read and all the information is incredibly helpful. I look forward to our next session and getting back in balance with your help! ” T.I. 7/27/17

“I decided to try Reiki with Lisa.
I have had Reiki done before and it was such a different experience with Lisa. I was amazed how relaxed I was. Before we started I had told her I can’t shut my mind down. I never relax. In about 20 mins into session  I was lightly dozing off (and was snoring a little). Lisa has found her calling. She has an amazing gift and she is giving us her gift when you sit with her. She is so easy to talk to and immediately felt comfortable. My head felt lighter and felt as though my stress level was decreased. I highly recommend Lisa. I cannot wait to go back. I am so grateful to have found Lisa.

Maria Cook” 7/10/17

“I first met Lisa through a group yoga class. That was my first formal experience with yoga, but she made me feel completely comfortable. It was very enjoyable, and I was happy to learn that she is also a reiki practitioner. I had no idea what to expect during my first session. My first thought upon entering her studio space was, “I want to move in here.” It is just so relaxing and calming. I‘ve experienced a few different types of energy healing, but I resonate the most with reiki. I feel relaxed and stress-free for weeks after a session. Lisa is knowledgeable about so many things, and I really enjoy reading her informative newsletters too. She occasionally offers interesting one-time classes. I’m so happy to have found Lisa. She is gifted in all the services that she offers.” Kim Giovacco, 7/11/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingThank you so much for your beautiful soul and for helping me relax. You really found your calling. I am so happy to have met you.” M.P. 6/21/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“I just wanted to say thank you for the thorough email with all the suggestions/information. I am already putting some of this to practice!! I’ve really have felt much better and more relaxed since my Reiki/Chakra session. Thank you.” M.P. 6/22/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Reiki of Greater Boston is a sanctuary for the spirit and soul. Lisa’s ability to clear and shift negative and stagnant energy is truly a gift all should experience. The office is beautiful, warm, and welcoming. My work with Lisa has changed my life. It has assisted and supported me in moving through some challenging times. Very grateful! ” Karolyn Domini 6/17/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching

“Lisa, I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my wellness mission! I truly enjoy our sessions and KNOW in every fiber of my being that I am improving. “J.L. 6/14/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thank you so much. I felt really good today. I feel like I had a skip in my step or hop in my step is the saying. A little emotional too. It  was so nice to meet you and I still cant believe I relaxed. You are amazing .. I felt comfortable with you right away. I tend to be a bit more shy or reserved when meeting someone for the first time.I look forward to seeing you again. Thanks!” M.C. 6/13/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Lisa, Thank you for your Love & Light and for coming into my life when you did. Your support has been greatly appreciated! Love,” K. D. 6/10/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingHi Lisa,
“It was great to meet you!  I felt very relaxed, and had more energy than usual after the session so that was really awesome!  Thank you so much! “T.A. 6./7/17
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thank you, Lisa, for the session and quick follow-up. I did feel calm and grounded and slept well last night.” M.N. 6/4/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thank you for all the hours you have spent with me helping me to put things into perspective. You are extraordinary at what you do. A bright light for those in need. Love,” N.D. 5/17/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Good morning Lisa! It was great to meet you on Saturday. Great call on legs up the wall! I incorporated some visualization with deep breathing and it felt pretty darn good. I’m looking forward to working with you and looking forward to improving my physical body as well as light body! “J.L. 5/8/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa…..I LOVED Yin Yoga.….definitely incorporating it into my daily practice! Can’t wait for your next event! Namaste Lovely Lady!” D.L. 4/28/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingHad a great session with Lisa!  She is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.  I felt very relaxed after my session and will definitely become a regular.  She has a great space–very comfortable and inviting. M.M. 4/27/17Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching

“Good morning Lisa, It was an amazing experience for me, I feel centered and calm. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again.” D.R. 4/24/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa, The pain was much less after our last session, thank you!” D.M. 4/17/17
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thank you SO much for the session yesterday.. it cleared away a lot of fear over the emotions I am trying to acknowledge instead of ignore. Thank you!” D. 4/11/17
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“I felt very good after the session. It lasted a while but I’d like to come back and continue to try more healing work. I’m open to anything that could really impact my overall wellbeing. I look forward to seeing you again soon.” JR 4/3/17

“Lisa is incredible; she is welcoming, kind, and very intuitive. Lisa put me at ease during my first ever reiki session. She walked me through the practice and what to expect and welcomed any feedback to customize my treatment. I highly suggest that you visit her beautiful studio to experience it for yourself!” R.L. 4/2/17 



Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching “I am doing good and feel good after our session.  The breathing videos are great, I always  need to work on that!  Will reach out soon to make another appointment. Thank you!”  S.B.  3/15/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingYesterday was great. Thank you, thank you! I did go to work and had a very busy, stressful night but I kept my attitude and energy up to get through it. I was very conscious of staying positive and sharing good energy. …. I know that to help others we need to help ourselves first. Thank you for the wonderful healing session and all of your recommendations. I will see you soon.” M.A. 3/13/17
Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“My Little Angel, I forgot to “Thank You” for my beautiful stones,  I love them and am sleeping with them under my pillow…..  I’m working on my Sanctuary and hope to be finished by Sunday with music CD and a small waterfall of some sort.  I am off to bed.  You are the BEST..…….” A.N. 3/9/17

Reiki of Greater Boston gets 5 Star Reviews on Google and Yelp“LOVE Reiki of Greater Boston! Lisa is a master at every service she lovingly affords all of her clients. I have received MANY benefits from the wonderful work she does!” D. L. 3/8/17




Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching “Lisa, Thank you SO much for the Reiki treatment!  It was very generous of you and felt so good — just what I needed! It was incredibly relaxing, your hands were amazingly warm, and I enjoyed every minute!! With much gratitude, ❤”S.H. 1/26/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“HI Lisa,  It was a pleasure meeting you and I had wonderful experience. I will add I slept Beautifully without interruption in my sleep, so with that being said Reiki 👍👍.”  E.D. 1/24/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching

Hi Lisa,  I hope all is well! Thank you for an incredible experience yesterday. :)” D.M. 1/17/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coachingExcellent session.Thank YOU.  Pretty intense.” J.L. 1/15/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa. Thank you for the session, I feel like it did provide me with some mental clarity. I would be interested in having another.” L.S. 1/3/17

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa, I had a wonderful session with you.  I really felt a bit more energized for a few days afterward. I even moved some furniture around in my living room! Thanks again. We’ll be in touch”. 12/22/16 H.S.

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Hi Lisa, I feel better than I have in a long time. I’m so happy I’m doing this for myself.
I’m looking forward to my next session.” K.C. 12/6/16

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Your website is incredible.  I am still in the process of learning more about myself, coaching and wellness.  It is encouraging to see what you do.  Your professionalism and understanding of your business is to be commended.  I can only hope to have a business and social presence that comes close to what I have seen from you.”
S.N.  12/1/16

Reiki of greater boston, waltham reiki, life coaching“Thank you for the great session, your kindness and compassion Lisa. R.R. 11/1/16

purple_heart“I have been feeling great . Energy is flowing very well now . Greatly appreciate your help .  Namaste,” J.K. 10/1/16

purple_heart“Hi Lisa, Today I feel good. I slept well the last two nights. So awesome! Thank you so much. I will be back soon for another session. Happy Friday. Namaste”, K.B. 9/30/16

Reiki of Greater Boston on Facebook

purple_heart“I am so, so thankful to have found Lisa. She is down-to-earth, highly intuitive, easy to connect with and no doubt, a natural healer. Her studio is so comfortable and inviting (you will not want to get up!) She really listens to understand exactly what you may be struggling with and also what you might like to change. After reiki, Lisa makes practical suggestions to continue the healing and personal growth outside of our sessions.  Working with Lisa has been the most positive, impactful self-work I’ve ever done.Highly recommend her!”K. R. 9/18/16  Reviews of Reiki of Greater Boston, Waltham, MA


purple_heartMy sessions with you are better than years of, on-and-off, therapy :)” K.E. 9/14/16

purple_heart“Thank you for the wonderful session and the follow-up email. I was profoundly touched by the Reiki treatment and experience. The unexplainable purple light further confirms my belief in the spiritual world. I am very excited to continue to explore my spirituality. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.” R.L. 8/22/16

purple_heart“Thank you SO much for this morning….awesome! I will make another appointment with you for next week as schedule allows.You are an amazingly in touch healer.” 8/16/16

Reiki of Greater Boston on Facebook

“I am so grateful to have found Lisa….she is an amazing guide, teacher, mentor, healer and passionate spirit…..I am blessed to have the opportunity at this stage in my life to  know her. I look forward to many healing experiences in her wonderful studio!”  Donna Laswell 8/13/16
purple_heart“Hi Lisa!
I’m so happy to hear from you! I can’t tell you how wonderful Friday was. I can’t wait to come back. It gave me a slice of relief I’ve been looking for for so long. I can’t thank you enough.
Looking forward to our next session.” T.P. 8/14/16

purple_heart“Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much! Wow, what a powerful first session.Thank you for making me feel so comfortable to fully experience it. … I was so relaxed I slept for about an hour and now feeling pretty great. I still feel very relaxed and like I’ll sleep pretty well.” K.E. 7/31/16

purple_heart“It was awesome meeting you….I LOVED our session!! You are so gentle and spirit filled….just my cup of tea!!! D.L. 7/30/16

Restorative Yoga Workshop Comments (7/23/16):

Restorative Yoga at Reiki of Greater Boston
Restorative Yoga at Reiki of Greater Boston

-“Thank you Lisa! What a great way to treat yourself. Loved it”. Ellen

-“Lisa, you were wonderful, as always. Hope I didn’t snore! I was so relaxed I was transported somewhere...GREAT. Thanks so much!” Jessica

-“Had a great time at ‪#‎restorativeyoga today! Relax yo mind and see what you might find!” Isaac

-“Has a wonderful time at Restorative Yoga with Lisa. Feel more relaxed! Thanks Lisa.” Doris

Jess savasana



“Thank you for your time and the wonderful treatment. I felt refreshed and invigorated. Blessings.” T.M. 7/25/16

purple_heart“”It was so very nice meeting you yesterday! You have a lovely studio and such a beautiful gift of healing. I DO feel so much better today...

Part of the issue yesterday too was that my sinuses were so heavy along with my headache, but that is all gone today and I can breathe so much better now. Another thing too- we have the cutest little french bulldog and I think even her energy has been a bit off during all of our stressful transitions this spring/summer and so yesterday afternoon it was like she was even back to her old self! So you definitely have helped clear some blocked energy and I thank you so much for that! ” 7/17/16 K.C.
purple_heart“I feel great from my treatment and am very grateful.” 6/11/16 D.M.
purple_heart“Thank you very much for compassionately listening to all of my issues and for the very helpful reiki healing session.” 5/25/16 Y.W.
Yelp“I recently found Reiki of Greater Boston after moving to the area.  I’ve had both a chakra clearing reiki session and participated in a chakra balancing yoga class.  Lisa is amazing!  She is exceptionally welcoming, knowledgable and professional.  And her fun nature truly rounded out entire experience.  I will absolutely be a regular client!” A.C. 5/23/16  


 YelpLisa is a breath of fresh air. She has an in depth knowledge of many aspects of yoga and its spirituality. The best part is she meets you where you are in your journey/practice. No judgement passed, and she does it all with great ability an humor. What a gem.” E.S. 5/24/16  

purple_heartI have gained so much from Lisa’s workshops.. I am looking forward to trying Reiki.” M.P. 5/22/16  


“My last treatment was wonderful, I can’t thank you enough.  I will see you sometime in June. Thanks again for everything.” N.H. 4/24/16

Google 5 star review on Reiki of greater boston
“I have worked with many people in the realm of alternative medicine– sometimes referred to as “energy work.” My Alexander Technique practitioner recommended Lisa, and oh my goodness what a find. All sorts of major stuff got released. If you are seeking a fab Reiki session look no further. L.J. 4/5/16
purple_heart“It was so nice meeting you. I had a really wonderful experience with you treating me. Would love to do it again.”  S.B. 2/26/16
purple_heart“Wow, I was told working with you would bring up stuff and it really really has!  I am impressed.  I plan to do another session in the coming month.”
J. 2/22/16
purple_heart“The Reiki Healing was much more than what expected. ..the truth is I felt so light, floating, it was truly a great experience. I’m definitely interested in yoga classes and meditation.” M.C. 2/20/16

Yelp “Lisa has a true ability to harness healing energy and guide anyone into a path of sanity and relaxation. As someone who suffers from OCD and anxiety, the combination of reiki and crystal healing has made a big difference in my day to day life. She is amazing. Every session has made a significant difference in stress levels and outlooks on life within the next day. Do yourself a favor and give Lisa a try- you won’t regret it!” V.H. 2/17/16  

purple_heart“Our Reiki session was wonderful, better than I could have ever imagined.  I always sleep better after Reiki and this weekend, with its bitter cold temperatures, was the perfect excuse to snuggle in under the covers and get some much needed rest.  Plus with the extra day off from work, I returned to my job with a much more grounded sense of things.  Things seem clearer, less muddled and now I can’t wait to come back.” N.H. 2/16/16

purple_heart“Thank you Lisa for the deeply restful and calming session.” M.N. 1/29/16

purple_heart“I could tell at first sight that you’ve got the healing energy.

I was very impressed that I fell into a dead sleep on the table with that “it must be next day” feeling, I have not had that since my old massage person left me 5 years ago.

Much has happened since. In a good way much has been “churned up.”  ….and I finally got decent sleep last night.  

Very interesting and I hope I can see you again soon. ” JJ 1/28/16

purple_heart“I felt so much more energized after seeing you!  I wished I had come to see you at the beginning of the holiday week as I might have gotten more stuff done!
Will look at your calendar to make another appointment.
See you soon!” LD 1/10/16

Leepurple_heart“Lisa has an incredible ability to tap into the spirit and and send such positive and healing energy. We had an illness in our family and Lisa gave of her time and her caring and her ability to try to ease what was a very difficult time. She is a sincere person with a very loving and giving heart. She has invested a lot of time into her practice and has chosen this path for all the right reasons. A person of incredible talents with exactly the right heart and motivation for sharing them. ”  1/7/16, Lee Gleiser

The incomparable Mr. Dominic Cuttone and one of his many beautiful granddaughterspurple_heart“My dad has been grieving heavily with the recent loss of my mother, his beloved wife of 60+ years, and now had to recently be put on kidney dialysis. I have known Lisa for 45+ years and we are blessed that she has been able to perform Reiki on my dad in the comfort of his home. Lisa has been very patient and flexible with her schedule as we sorted the many doctor appts my dad had after leaving the hospital. My dad has only had a handful of Reiki sessions and he is getting stronger every day. I firmly believe that over time, we will notice a significant difference with his pain and emotional being. Looking forward to my own Reiki session soon! Keep up the excellent work Lisa!”  1/2/16 Rosalie Cuttone Weber
purple_heart“It was nice seeing you. I was able to sleep a little more since the treatment. Thank you Lisa. Will see you after the New Year.”  12/17/15 M. W.
purple_heart“Thanks to the Reiki treatment I feel more energized and meditating is easier.” 12/16/15 EM
purple_heart“Thank you Lisa for a wonderful Reiki session yesterday! Hopefully I can get up there again for another session! 🙂 ” 12/14/15, Sarah M.
Yelp“I was in a car accident. I was in tremendous pain. Lisa had helped me with my back and neck pain. Lisa is great Reiki healer. She was able to see results within the week.”  12/7/15, Shan Wong

purple_heart“Thank you Lisa. I felt wonderful and was able to sleep better most of the week. I will make another appointment.” D.M. 11/15

Jess  purple_heart“I recently was under a great deal of stress and went to Lisa for a Reiki treatment. I had tried Reiki with other practitioners without much success. Her treatment was very different–I felt grounded all the way through, and very integrated and relaxed at the end. What surprised me, however, is that it continued to last through the next five days. The issues I was dealing with were not able to stress me out even remotely. It was a great feeling and I am looking forward to working with her again. She is a lovely human being. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! “Jessica Locke  10/15


Distance Reiki Testimonial
Easing Discomfort with Distance Reiki for Hank

purple_heart“Hank is sleeping a lot which is comforting to me because I know he is peaceful.  Thank you for your continued good thoughts, your inquiring about him, your REIKI.  Know how much I appreciate you.  Whatever you are doing is working…..keep on sending the good energy. KEEP IT UP!!  You are magic. With so much appreciation!” -Hank’s Mamma


“After the first session, I felt lighter and stronger inside and out (like I had gotten both a massage and counseling). The effect lasted for over a week. I have had two sessions since, each one is different. I am looking forward to several more visits.” 

“Prior to my session I was on the edge of going into another depression. In the days after my session, the peacefulness stayed with me for a week and I walked away with a strengthened sense of myself.”


“My diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis occurred over 10 years ago. The type of MS I have is characterized as relapsing/remitting. My symptoms range from nerve pain, severe numbness and tingling in my whole body, cognitive issues, and extreme fatigue. Also along with these symptoms I experience depression and anxiety.  I am impressed by immediate relief of pain in my arms and hands. 

“I find these Reiki sessions to be relaxing and helpful with many of my symptoms, particularly pain and tingling/numbness. I have also felt relief from my severe fatigue.” 

“I was feeling run down and stressed and  was looking for a way to calm and center myself. I tried Reiki and  after my first session I felt so revived. I felt lighter and renewed. Now I look forward to my sessions. I would recommend this to anyone. Even if you aren’t sure just give it a try, you have nothing to lose. My only complaint is that I can’t go everyday.”

“I would describe my Reiki experience as life changing!! It is a change that touches every part of your being: mind,body and soul….”